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Theoretical Physics Major

Theoretical Physics

Admission Requirements

A Mathematical Approach to Physics

 Build Skills in Physics Problem Solving 

Theoretical physics is a more mathematically-oriented approach to physics that develops mathematical skills in studying topics like black holes, the internal structure of protons and neutrons, and high-temperature superconductivity.

 Gain Exceptional Lab Experience

Theoretical Physics students graduate with exceptional laboratory experience and a high rate of student award reception and authoring/co-authoring papers in respected physics research journals.

 Learn From Physics Experts

The Theoretical Physics degree at the University of Guelph has small class sizes to support student learning from internationally renowned, award-winning faculty and researchers.

Why Theoretical Physics?

With an emphasis on mathematical foundations early on, students gain the mathematical agility required to work in modern theoretical physics. Apply special expertise to a wide range of fields such as black hole structure calculations to stock market analysis.

Students in the Theoretical Physics (THPY) major at the University of Guelph might also be interested in studying Biological and Medical Physics, Chemical Physics, Nanoscience, Physical Science, Physics, or other majors.

What You Will Learn

Semester 1 (Chose One)*
  • General Chemistry I
  • Programming
  • Integrated Mathematics and Physics I
  • Discovering Biodiversity*
  • Biological Concepts of Health*
  • Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology*
Semester 2 (Chose One)* 
  • General Chemistry II
  • Integrated Mathematics and Physics II
  • Linear Algebra I
  • Discovering Biodiversity*
  • Biological Concepts of Health*
  • Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology*

Semester 3
  • Advanced Calculus I
  • Applied Differential Equations
  • Thermal Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism I
Semester 4
  • Advanced Calculus II
  • Experimental Techniques in Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism II

Semester 5
  • Science Communication
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Quantum Mechanics I
  • Advanced Mechanics
Semester 6
  • Computational Methods in Materials Science
  • Optics: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Intermediate Laboratory
  • Quantum Mechanics II

Semester 7
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
  • Statistical Physics II
  • Research in Physics
  • Advanced Physics Laboratory
Semester 8
  • Complex Analysis
  • Subatomic Physics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Research in Physics


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