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Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) System

The Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) Program and Course Management system, powered by CourseLeaf, streamlines the curriculum change processes. Once changes are approved through the appropriate governance steps, the CIM system supports integration and synchronization with Colleague and the Academic Calendars. CIM includes the following automated features:

  • imports course information directly from the Academic Calendar and pre-populates the form;
  • identifies all impacted courses and programs based on the requested change;
  • tracks edits and comments;
  • shepherds the proposal through the required governance approval steps;
  • sends notifications to designated users within workflow at various steps in the process; 
  • generates agendas for committee meetings; and
  • retains historical archive. 

To support UofG CourseLeaf users, a UofG-specific MS Teams site, with all training videos and help files, is available for anyone to join. Additionally, copies of all training files can be found on SharePoint.

We're ready to help! Please send CourseLeaf / CIM related questions to