University of Guelph 1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar

XI--Certificate Programs

Golf Course and Green Space Maintenance Certificate

This certificate program prepares students for employment in the maintenance of golf courses and green spaces as well as providing them with managerial skills required for teamwork and various administrative tasks. The primary focus is on turf issues but ornamentals, trees and shrubs will also be studied. In addition to golf courses, graduates may find employment with municipalities, provincial and federal parks, nurseries and greenhouses. Applicants must have obtained an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent. Mature students may be accepted on the basis of their work experience.

Session One/4 wks.

CGLF*1010 Mathematics
CGLF*1020 Machinery and Tool Safety
CGLF*1030 Soils
CGLF*1040 Fertilization
CGLF*1050 Irrigation
CGLF*1060 Cultural Practices
CGLF*1070 Maintaining Ornamental Plants
CGLF*1080 Plant Diseases and Pests
CGLF*1090 Client Service

Session Two/4 wks.

CGLF*2010 Turfgrass Management
CGLF*2020 Identification of Turfgrasses
CGLF*2030 Turf Establishment
CGLF*2040 Advanced Cultural Practices
CGLF*2050 Turf Equipment Maintenance
CGLF*2060 Stress in Turfgrass
CGLF*2070 Naturalizing the Golf Course
CGLF*2080 Advanced Turfgrass Diseases
CGLF*2090 Safe Handling of Pesticides
CGLF*2100 Managing a Maintenance Budget

Session Three/4 wks.

CGLF*3010 Communication and Leadership
CGLF*3020 Safety and Equipment
CGLF*3030 Marketing
CGLF*3040 Accounting Basics
CGLF*3050 Project Management
CGLF*3060 Time Management
CGLF*3070 Computer Basics

1999-2000 Diploma Program Calendar
XI--Certificate Programs
Collège d'Alfred

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