International Development Studies

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Director - Kris Inwood (716 MacKinnon, Ext. 3536) (E-mail:
Graduate co-ordinator - Frans Schryer (707 MacKinnon, Ext. 2505) (E-mail:
Graduate secretary - Sheela Samat-Spohn (704 MacKinnon, Ext. 8966)

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business:
F. Harry Cummings Associate Professor
Wayne H. Howard Associate Professor
Wayne C. Pfeiffer Associate Professor
Truman P. Phillips Professor
Kim S. Rollins Assistant Professor

Department of Animal and Poultry Science:
Mary M. Buhr Associate Professor
Pablo E. Colucci Assistant Professor
J. Frank Hurnik Professor

Department of Crop Science:
E. Ann Clark Associate Professor

Department of Economics:
Louis N. Christofides Professor
Michael J. Hoy Associate Professor
Kris E. Inwood Associate Professor
John R. Livernois Associate Professor
Christopher J. McKenna Professor
Clive Southey Associate Professor

Department of Ecosystem Health:
David Rapport

Department of Environmental Biology:
Andrew M. Gordon Associate Professor
Peter G. Kevan Professor

Department of English:
Diana Brydon Professor
Ajay Heble Associate Professor
Patrick J. Holland Associate Professor

Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition:
Susan Evers Associate Professor

Department of Geography:
David B. Knight Professor and Dean of Social Science
Michael R. Moss Professor
Kok-Chiang Tan Associate Professor

Department of History:
David R. Murray Professor
Mordechai Rozanski Professor and President
James D. Snell Professor
Gilbert A. Stelter Professor

Department of Land Resource Science:
Ward Chesworth Professor
Richard R. Protz Professor

Department of Languages and Literature:
Ken Mose Professor

Department of Pathobiology:
John F. Prescott Professor

Department of Philosophy:
William H. Hughes Associate Professor
Hugh S. Lehman Professor

Department of Political Studies:
O.P. Dwivedi Professor
Fred Eidlin Professor
Theresa M.L. Lee Assistant Professor
Jorge Nef Professor
R. Brian Woodrow Associate Professor

Department of Population Medicine:
Margaret Thorburn Assistant Professor
David Waltner-Toews Professor

Department of Psychology:
Loraleigh Keashly Associate Professor
Karen S. Korabik Associate Professor

Department of Rural Extension Studies:
Glen C. Filson Associate Professor
Douglas H. Pletsch Professor
Don Richardson Assistant Professor
James C.M. Shute Professor and Director of the Centre for International Programs

University School of Rural Planning and Development:
Farokh Afshar Associate Professor
F. Harry Cummings Associate Professor
Nonita T. Yap Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology:
J.I. (Hans) Bakker Associate Professor
Nora Cebotarev University Professor Emerita
Sally Humphries Assistant Professor
Belinda Leach Assistant Professor
Marta Rohatynskyj Assistant Professor
Frans J. Schryer Professor
Terisa Turner Associate Professor
K. Victor Ujimoto Professor
Anthony R. Winson Associate Professor

Department of Zoology:
John M. Fryxell Associate Professor
Patrick T.K. Woo Professor

Associated Graduate Faculty
C. Young Cho Adjunct Professor
G. Ab B. Moore Retired

The Collaborative International Development Studies (CIDS) program provides a focal point for graduate teaching and research in the area of international development. The program combines training in a particular discipline with exposure to a broad range of social-science perspectives. Faculty expertise encompasses various aspects of development in Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Americas.

ma and msc program
       Students wishing to pursue MSc or MA degrees with the designation "International Development Studies" must enter the CIDS program through a participating department. Students meet both departmental and CIDS requirements. More detailed information is available in the CIDS Graduate Studies Handbook.

Admission Requirements
   Students must meet the admission requirements of the department of their choice and demonstrate familiarity with conceptual frameworks employed in the social sciences.

Degree Requirements
   Students must take the international development core courses and the course requirements of the department in which they are enroled. Both are listed below. The degree may be completed by major paper, research project, thesis, or coursework. Students are encouraged to undertake field research as part of their degree, although the nature of the research depends upon the discipline, topic, and degree option. The program's duration varies from three to six semesters.

International Development Core Courses Required of All Students

Optional Courses
   Students in the collaborative program may undertake any course offered by a collaborating department with the
permission of the instructor. The following interdisciplinary courses are also available.
8506000 Regional Context (0.5)
This reading course provides an opportunity for in-depth investigation about a particular region in preparation for a thesis, major paper or research project. The course normally is directed by the student's adviser.
8506100 International Development Studies Seminar (0.5)
A bi-weekly seminar discussion of issues which arise in the study of international development. Led by faculty and visitors from a variety of disciplines.
8506500Fieldwork in International Development Studies (0.5)
This course recognizes an intensive commitment to research in an archival repository, 'in the field' or at an appropriate development institution in Canada or abroad. The course normally is directed by the student's adviser.

Departmental Requirements
   Programs in departments not listed below are designed by special arrangements.

Agricultural Economics and Business (Msc)

Anthropology (MA)

Economics (MA)
N.B. Economic Development 3606350 may substitute for 3606370 in the CIDS core

English (MA)

Geography (MA/MSc)

History (MA)
N.B. Historical Conceptions of the City 4906390 may substitute for the geography component of the CIDS core

Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences (Msc)
Philosophy (MA)

Political Studies (MA)<.i>
  • Proseminar, 7806900
  • Political Research: Theories and Approaches 7806940
  • Either a thesis, or 7806970 Major Paper and 1.0 additional course credits (normally from the Political Studies Department)

Rural Extension Studies (Msc)
  • Adult Learning and Development 3806060
  • Foundations of Rural Extension 3806070
  • Program Planning and Evaluation in Rural Extension 3806230
  • Two additional courses from the following group (or only one course if the CIDS core includes Women and Development 1206460/8606460):
    Research Design in Rural Extension Studies 3806260
    Extension Methods 3806311
    Management Theory and Practice in Rural Extension 3806390
  • Either a thesis or Major Research Paper 3806900

Sociology (MA)
  • Sociological Theory 8606070
  • Research Methodology 8606120
  • Proseminar 8606700
  • Either thesis or Major Paper 8606660 and one additional course

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