Appendix A - Courses

Animal Science

ANSC*6010 Topics in Comparative Animal Nutrition F [0.50]
Current topics in the feeding and nutrition of agricultural, companion and captive animal species. Emphasis is placed on the influence of nutrients on metabolic integration at tissue, organ and whole-animal levels.
ANSC*6020 Poultry and Swine Nutrition W [0.50]
A discussion of current topics in the feeding and nutrition of domestic fowl and swine based on the critical appraisal of selected journal readings.
ANSC*6030 Modelling Metabolic Processes F [0.50]
Building and testing of mathematical models of metabolic processes using continuous simulation software to assist in weekly assignments. Choice of model based on students' research interests (e.g. protein synthesis, nutrient uptake, rumen fermentation). Term project to reproduce model from scientific knowledge.
ANSC*6050 Biometry for Animal Sciences F [0.50]
For students involved in animal research. The course will provide outlines of appropriate presentation and analysis of experimental data with emphasis on different analytical techniques.
ANSC*6100 Special Project F,W,S [0.50]
Supervised program of study in some aspect of animal and poultry science that can involve an experimental project and/or detailed analysis of the literature.
ANSC*6210 Principles of Selection in Animal Breeding W [0.50]
Definition of selection goals, prediction of genetic progress and breeding values, and the comparison of selection programs.
ANSC*6240 Topics in Quantitative Genetics and Animal Breeding F [0.50]
Current literature and classical papers pertaining to quantitative genetics and breeding are reviewed in detail.
ANSC*6250 Growth and Metabolism W [0.50]
Animal growth and metabolism are considered at the cellular level in a manner that extends beyond the basic disciplines of biometrics and biochemistry with attention focused on the main carcass components — muscle, fat and bone.
ANSC*6360 Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research (even years only) F [0.50]
Theory and/or practices of techniques to evaluate feedstuffs and determine nutrient utilization in poultry, swine and ruminants is covered through lectures, short laboratories and a major project.
ANSC*6370 Quantitative Genetics and Animal Models F [0.50]
The course covers quantitative genetics theory associated with animal models; linear models applied to genetic evaluation of animals; estimation of genetic parameters for animal models; and computing algorithms for large datasets.
ANSC*6380 Estimation of Genetic Parameters W [0.50]
The course covers Bayesian approaches to analysis of data; categorical data analysis; accounting for selection bias; major gene analyses; models for handling marker genes; and recent developments in statistical methodology related to animal breeding applications.
ANSC*6390 QTL's and Markers (offered all years pending demand) W [0.50]
Advanced training in the mathematical aspects of quantitative genetic theory as applied to animal breeding.
ANSC*6400 Mammalian Reproduction (odd years only) W [0.50]
Discussions and applications of methodology for collection and examination of gametes and embryos and for measurements of hormones in biological fluids.
ANSC*6440 Advanced Critical Analysis in Applied Ethology F [0.50]
Students explore the process of scientific inquiry and experimental design within the context of applied ethology research. Discussions include the peer review process, critical analyses and applications of methods for applied animal behaviour research.
ANSC*6450 Topics in Animal Biotechnology W [0.50]
The impact of recombinant DNA techniques on present and future research in animal science and on the livestock industry is critically appraised.
ANSC*6460 Lactation Biology F [0.50]
An in-depth systems analysis of lactation,comparing the cow, pig, rat, human and seal. Mammary development from conception through to lactogenesis, lactation and involution will be covered. Hypotheses of regulation of the biochemical pathways of milk synthesis will be tested in relation to experimental observations.
ANSC*6470 Advanced Animal Nutrition and Metabolism I F [0.50]
A systematic review of key aspects of energy, protein, amino acid and carbohydrate utilization and metabolism in farm animals.
ANSC*6480 Advanced Animal Nutrition and Metabolism II W [0.50]
A systematic review of key aspects of lipid, vitamin and mineral utilization and metabolism in farm animals.
Prerequisite(s): ANSC*6470
ANSC*6600 Seminar F,W [0.00]
This course is required for successful completion of MSc and PhD programs. The major findings of the thesis or major paper are presented to the department.
ANSC*6700 Animals in Society: Historical and Global Perspectives on Animal Welfare F [0.50]
A seminar course covering society's duties to animals. Students will learn about the major ethical theories that deal with society's duties towards animals, the main scientific approaches to animal welfare, and the relationship of science to ethics. A brief history of human-animal relationships will be covered and cultural differences described. Students will use this to analyze some current issues.
ANSC*6710 Assessing Animal Welfare in Practice W [0.50]
A lecture/seminar course covering the principles of applied animal welfare assessment. Students will learn what influences an animal welfare assessment and will understand the components necessary to create an effective and targeted animal welfare program for industry or regulatory application.
Prerequisite(s): ANSC*6700
ANSC*6730 Applied Environmental Physiology: Applications to Animal Care Standards W [0.50]
A lecture/seminar course covering the principles of applied environmental physiology including temperature regulation, space requirements, animal responses to light and other aspects of the physical environment. Students pursue a topic in depth to develop or update recommended codes of practice and resource-based standards.
ANSC*6900 Major Paper in Animal and Poultry Science F,W,S [1.00]
A detailed, critical review of an area of study related to the specialization of students in the MSc by course work and major paper option that includes analysis and interpretation of relevant data.
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