Appendix A - Courses


BUS*6130 General Environment of Business W [0.50]
The objective of this course is to assist managers to better understand and develop strategies for dealing with their political and economic environments. This course has a comprehensive and international perspective that looks at how Canadian industries and businesses are part of a worldwide economics and political system. This course provides a detailed examination of how specific policies affect business and strategy in different industries for different commodities.
Restriction(s): Distance MBA students only.
BUS*6180 Financial and Managerial Accounting F [0.50]
This course emphasizes the gathering and use of financial information to facilitate effective financial and management decisions. Cases are used to approach the subject from the perspective of the user of accounting information rather than that of the supplier.
BUS*6200 Financial Management W [0.50]
This course takes the viewpoint of the senior financial officer of a commercial enterprise. The focus is on the management of cash, accounts receivable, inventories and capital assets, as well as on the sourcing of funds through short-term liabilities, long-term debt and owners' equity.
Prerequisite(s): BUS*6180
Restriction(s): Non MBA students only by permission of instructor.
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1