Appendix A - Courses


GEOG*6060 Special Topics in Geography F [0.50]
A course on some specific topic not covered by the regular graduate courses for which there are both available faculty and sufficient interest among students.
GEOG*6090 Research Methods F-W [0.50]
A review of philosophies and research methods in geography. The development and presentation of a context paper and proposal for the thesis or research project. This course extends over two semesters (fall and winter)
GEOG*6100 Geographic Scholarship and Research F-W [0.50]
A review of geographic scholarship including conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues in resource assessment, biophysical resources and rural socio-economic resources. The course extends over two semesters (fall and winter).
GEOG*6180 Research Project in Geography F,W,S [1.00]
The preparation and presentation of a report on the research project approved in GEOG*6090.
GEOG*6200 Land Use and Agricultural Systems F,W [0.50]
Rural land uses and processes, particularly agricultural systems, their dynamics and interactions with the resource base and competing activities. Theoretical models and analytical methods related to applied questions in agricultural decision making and land use planning.
GEOG*6270 Rural Community Systems W [0.50]
Characterization and delineation of rural community systems in Canada with attention to the impact of processes of centralization and diffusion on rural economy, society and settlement. Credit may not be obtained for both GEOG*6270 and RPD*6020.
GEOG*6281 Environmental Resource Evaluation F [0.50]
Analysis, evaluation and management of environmental resources. Emphasis is on biophysical and socio-economic concepts and methods which offer a more comprehensive and integrative basis for environmental decisions.
GEOG*6330 Biotic Processes and Biophysical Systems U [0.50]
Investigation of biotic processes influencing the composition, structure and distribution of plant and animal communities and of approaches to biophysical systems analysis, focusing on environmental system interaction at the landscape scale.
GEOG*6340 Human-Environment Systems Analysis F [0.50]
A critical review of philosophies, concepts and analytical methods for analysis and management of systems involving the interaction of environmental processes and human spatial activity.
GEOG*6400 Urbanization and Development (alternate years) U [0.50]
Analysis of the evolution of urban form and pattern in the developing world within the context of the global urban system. Examines national urban systems and implications for dispersed development and rural change.
GEOG*6450 Political Identities, Territory and Territoriality(alternate years) U [0.50]
Group identities at various scales in relation to concepts of territory and territoriality, and their changing impact on the world's political map.
GEOG*6500 Sedimentary Processes in Geomorphology W [0.50]
An integrated study of fluid flow and sedimentary processes in water and air, setting key elements of sediment erosion, transport and deposition within a global context.
GEOG*6610 Global Hydrology F [0.50]
An examination of global environmental hydrology including precipitation, evaporation, subsurface water and runoff. Physical processes, measurement, analytical techniques and modelling strategies will be considered in the context of global change.
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