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VII--Academic Counselling

VII--Academic Counselling

The primary purpose of academic counselling is to assist students in the development of educational plans which are realistic and compatible with their life goals.

The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about life goals and educational plans rests with the student. This includes the responsibility for satisfying the undergraduate regulations. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with Section I--Statement of Students' Academic Responsibilities, Section VIII-- Undergraduate Degree Regulations and the appropriate program requirements in Section IX as set out in this calendar. The academic advisor can assist by helping to identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of decisions, and to provide interpretations to regulations applying to the specific degree program. Students are encouraged to seek academic advice throughout their degree program.

Academic counselling is available to all students throughout their academic career at the University.


* Program Counselling
* Departmental Advising
* Interpretation of University Academic Regulations
* Non-Academic Counselling
* Program Approval

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar

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