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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


VII--Academic Counselling

Program Counselling

Program counsellors are listed in the following chart.

Students are encouraged to seek advice from their program counsellors on many occasions. Program counsellors can assist in coordinating students' learning experiences through the planning of educational and career objectives which take into consideration the student's abilities and academic progress. Further advisement should assist in clarification of their life/career goals and their consequences by facilitating self assessment and helping students to develop an educational plan for the realization of these goals. Finally, program counsellors are able to act as a source of referral to other campus services.

Students who experience any difficulties which affect their academic progress should consult regularly with their program counsellor.

Students wishing to have clarification of degree requirements, including change of schedule of studies, should seek assistance from their program counsellor for information and program approval.

Students contemplating a transfer to another degree program within the University will find it useful to discuss their plans with the program counsellor. To effect a transfer of degree program, it is necessary to submit an application through the Admission Section, Office of the Registrar, Level 3, University Centre.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
VII--Academic Counselling

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