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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


X--Degree Programs


Department of Zoology, College of Biological Science.

The Honours Zoology program offers a broad education in the life sciences while providing a more specialized understanding of the structure, function and ecology of animals.

Specialized Honours

Semester 1

One biological science course from 17-115,65-100, 92-102.
19-104 General Chemistry I
63-108 Elements of Calculus I
76-107 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I
*One Arts or Social Science elective.

Semester 2

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100, 92-102 (Students must have taken 92-102 by the end of semester 2).
19-105 General Chemistry II
One computing and information science course from 27-120, 27-150, 27-170.
76-108 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences II
*One Arts or Social Science elective.

Semester 3

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100.
40-200 Introductory Genetics
92-207 Invertebrate Zoology I
92-210 Developmental Biology
*One elective.

Semester 4

19-258 Introductory Biochemistry
89-204 Statistics I
92-208 Invertebrate Zoology II
92-209 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
*One elective.

Semester 5

15-221 Introductory Cell Biology
15-311 Population Ecology
89-205 Statistics II
92-319 Comparative Animal Physiology
*One elective.

Semester 6

15-312 Community Ecology
19-356 Structure and Function in Biochemistry
71-319 Fundamentals of Nutrition
*Three electives.

Semester 7

92-300 Comparative Histology
92-407 Animal Behaviour +
*Three or four electives.

Semester 8

92-440 Evolution
92-442 Experimental Ethology +
*Three or four electives.

Lists of electives recommended for this program should be obtained from Department of Zoology advisors. Electives must include 1 of 92-417,92-420,92-439, or 92-447.

+92-407 and 92-442 are alternatives; if 92-442 is selected, 92-407 need not be taken and vice versa.

NOTE: The Honours Zoology program allows flexibility through a number of elective opportunities. Students are encouraged to design a program to meet their own needs and interests.

For example, students wishing to concentrate in Systematic Zoology may select the following courses: 92-301 Wildlife Parasitology, 92-402Ichthyology, 34-311 Natural History of Insects, 92-409 Ornithology, 92-428 Mammalogy, and 92-443 Herpetology.

Students wishing to concentrate in Physiology may select 92-417Experimental Comparative Animal Physiology, 92-439Environmental Physiology, 92-420 Cell Physiology, and 92-447 Comparative Endocrinology.

Students wishing to concentrate in Quantitative Zoology may select63-215 Applied Matrix Algebra, 63-217 Differential Equations I, 89-326 Nonparametric Statistics, 89-422 Experimental Design, and 63-351 Biomathematics.


Students in programs outside the Department of Zoology who have a strong interest in Zoology may choose to take a minor in Zoology. A minor in Zoology requires 10 courses in Zoology, with the exception of 92-150.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
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