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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


X--Degree Programs

Water Resources Engineering Program Regular and Co-op

Water resources engineering focuses on the use and management of land and water resources in rural and urban watersheds. Descriptions of the hydrologic and hydraulic behaviour of watershed flow systems is combined with engineering science and ecological principles in the design of water management systems and strategies. Water management includes flood prevention, warning and control; drainage; design of natural channels; irrigation; and erosion prevention and control. The supply of water for municipal, industrial and agricultural purposes is considered in the context of resource conservation. Identification of potential point and diffused sources of pollutants is used to develop efficient, environmentally sustainable and economical methods to preserve high-quality water to sustain human life and water-dependent ecosystems.

Schedule of Studies

Semester 1 (Fall) Regular or Co-op

05-110 Introduction to Engineering and Design
19-104 General Chemistry I
27-160 Foundations of Programming
63-120 Calculus I
76-111 Introductory Physics with Applications I

Semester 2 (Winter) Regular or Co-op

05-121 Engineering Mechanics I
05-150 Engineering Analysis
19-105 General Chemistry II
63-121 Calculus II
76-113 Introductory Physics with Applications II

Semester 3 (Fall) Regular or Co-op

05-210 Engineering Design I
05-212 Material Science
05-240 Engineering Systems Analysis
45-200 Geomorphology
63-227 Applied Differential Equations
65-100 General Microbiology

Semester 4 (Winter) Regular or Co-op

05-223 Fluid Mechanics
05-245 Network Theory
05-255 Water Management
05-256 Environmental Engineering Systems
63-213 Numerical Methods
89-212 Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Semester 5 (Fall) Regular or Co-op

05-324 Engineering Economics
05-326 Thermodynamics
05-359 Water Quality
05-365 Hydrology
05-367 Soil Mechanics
One elective.

Semester 6 (Winter) Regular or Semester 7 (Winter) Co-op

05-310 Engineering Design II
05-343 Heat and Mass Transfer
46-306 Groundwater
26-230 Technology and the Consumer
86-320 Technology and Society
Two electives.

Semester 7 (Fall) Regular or Semester 6 (Fall) Co-op

05-425 Watershed Systems Design
05-436 Soil-Water Conservation Systems Design
05-437 Urban Water Systems Design
Two restricted electives.

Semester 8 (Winter) Regular or Co-op

05-415 Water Resources Engineering Design Project
05-429 Ethics, Law and Safety
Three restricted electives.

Restricted Electives

+Acceptable courses are listed in the B.Sc.(Eng.) Program Guide.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science in Engineering - B.Sc.(Eng).

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