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VIII--Regulations and Procedures

Adding Courses

All course additions to a student's program for a particular semester are to be completed by the end of the six-day add period.

The addition of a course after the end of the add period will be considered only in exceptional circumstances and will require the approval of both the instructor for the course and the program counsellor of the program in which the student is enrolled. The program counsellor's signature should be sought first but does not presume the judgement of the instructor as to the appropriateness of the late addition for his or her particular course. In practice, the following have been deemed to be exceptional circumstances: illness or compassionate grounds for missing all or part of the first three class days; interchanging courses with common lectures, one with and one without labs; delayed departmental permission to enter Limited Enrolment courses; late resolution of appeals; failure of a deferred course condition or examination; university errors in registration procedures.

Double-Weighted Courses

require the student to add both parts of the course on the "Undergraduate Course Request" form in the same semester (e.g.. 98-4511 and 98-4512). These courses cannot be split.

Limited Enrolment Courses

may be added up to the end of the six-day add period, with the permission of the Department offering the course.

Program Approval

is required to add courses if the student's category is special or probationary or if the student is adding more than the normal number of courses.

Regular Courses

may be added up to the end of the six-day add period. Permission of the Department is not required. Regular courses are those courses that are not designated as limited enrolment.

Two-Semester Courses

When adding a two-semester course, students will be assigned to the second half of the course its appropriate semester sequence (e.g.. 01-2351 in the Fall semester and 01-2352 in the Winter semester). These courses must be taken in consecutive semesters as outlined in the course description.

Caution: Students granted permission to add a course after the end of the six-day add period may encounter difficulty in mastering course content and may be unable to meet all course requirements.

The University has no obligation to assist students to pick up material that has been missed because of late enrolment in a course.

Adding a Course Without the Stated Prerequisite

A student who wishes to enrol in a course for which he or she does not have credit for the stated prerequisites may seek permission from the instructor to have the prerequisites waived. The student seeking the waiver must obtain a Waiver of Prerequisites Form from the Academic Records Section and have it completed by the instructor. The student must then present the completed form to the Academic Records Section for processing. Waiver forms are available from the Academic Records Section, Office of the Registrar, Level 3, University Centre.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
VIII--Regulations and Procedures

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