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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


XII--Course Descriptions


Department of Languages and Literatures

Note: Literary texts are, at all levels, studied in the original language. Students registering in these courses will be expected to have the appropriate knowledge. In the case of courses not identified by a semester designation, a list of courses to be offered in each academic year will be available in the department in each preceding January.

48-110 Preliminary Greek I F(3-0)

A beginning course in Greek, providing the fundamentals of structure and idiom. (This course may not be taken by anyone who has OAC Greek).

48-111 Preliminary Greek II W(3-0)

A continuation of 48-110.

Prerequisites: 48-110 or Year 4 (Grade 12) Greek.

48-202 Greek Language and Culture F(3-0)

Consolidation of fundamental morphology and syntax acquired in 48-110 and 48-111. Intensive reading in texts that also illuminate aspects of Greek culture.

Prerequisites: 48-110, 48-111.

48-210 Greek Epic W(3-0)

A study of the early Greek epic, with readings from Homer's Odyssey.

Prerequisites: 48-202.

48-220 Greek Prose Authors F(3-0)

A study of selected writings in history, oratory or philosophy. (Offered in odd-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: 48-202.

48-230 Tragedy and Comedy F(3-0)

A study of the dramatic forms and the theatrical experience of tragedy and comedy. The religious and social contexts of Greek drama. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: 48-202.

48-301 to 48-303 Themes in Greek Literature (3-0)

The content of Themes in Greek Literature will vary from semester to semester. Each offering will concentrate on a particular theme or period, e.g., The Lyric Age of Greece, Poet and Public in Greek Literature, Themes in Greek Drama, Greek Historiography, Greek Oratorical Writings, The Literature of the Hellenistic Period, etc..

Prerequisites: at least two 200-level course credits in Greek.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
XII--Course Descriptions

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