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VIII--Regulations and Procedures

Instructor Notification

When it is imperative that an instructor be notified by a student who is dropping a course, the course may be declared as an instructor notification course. Courses where students care for laboratory animals, or where students must return supplies or books on loan are instances where this designation might apply. When dropping an instructor notification course, the signature of the instructor or designate must be obtained on the "Undergraduate Course Request" form before the Academic Records Section will process it (see Dropping Courses). Instructor notification must be specified on the course outline and instructors will bring this requirement to the attention of the class during the academic orientation period.

Departments must advise the Assistant Registrar, Academic Records, in writing, prior to the start of classes, of those courses that require students to notify the instructor when dropping the course. "Instructor Notification" forms can be obtained from the Academic Records Section for this purpose. This form must specify the course number and description of the course affected, a sample signature must be provided and the request approved by the department chair.

The instructor notification procedure may apply to both regular courses and limited enrolment courses.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
VIII--Regulations and Procedures

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