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VIII--Regulations and Procedures


Students who complete the procedure for registration by mail and who subsequently decide not to attend that semester may cancel their registration by notifying the Student Finance and Awards Office up to but not including the first class day. The Student Finance and Awards Office will arrange for the appropriate refund of fees paid. Commencing with the first day of regular classes the formal withdrawal procedure from the University is required and outlined below.

A student intending to withdraw from the University must notify the Academic Records Section, Office of the Registrar in writing and complete the withdrawal procedure. A student receiving financial assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program is strongly advised to contact the Student Finance and Awards Office, regarding the status of that award on withdrawal.

A student who withdraws after the fortieth class day of the semester, other than for illness or compassionate reasons will be considered to have failed the courses for which the student is registered at the time of withdrawal. Documented evidence relating to illness or compassionate reasons must be supplied to the Academic Programs Section, Office of the Registrar, within thirty days of the withdrawal. (See Section VI-- Schedule of Fees regarding REFUNDS.)

Students who withdraw without academic penalty after the termination of the official drop period for medical or psychological reasons must clear their re entry in a subsequent semester through the dean of the college concerned. Students who withdraw on more than two occasions may be required to meet with the dean in order to clear their re entry into a subsequent semester. At the discretion of the dean, the condition of re entry may be a recommendation of either Student Health Services or the Counselling Unit of the Counselling and Student Resource Centre that re entry is advisable.

Students who wish to appeal the decision of the dean have recourse to the Senate Committee on Student Petitions.

Do not put a stop payment on any cheque that has been presented to the Student Finance and Awards Office as settlement for tuition fees. This does not constitute notification of your intention to cancel/withdraw from the semester and results in the assessment of a cheque refusal fee (See Section VI - Schedule of Fees).

A student who withdraws from the University must return all outstanding loans from the Library immediately upon withdrawal regardless of the original due date. Any items not returned will be declared "lost" and charged to the student's account.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
VIII--Regulations and Procedures

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