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XI--Special Study Opportunities

Open Learning

The University of Guelph serves the learning needs of people of all ages whose educational requirements may not match the program structure or services available through full-time undergraduate study. The adoption of the philosophy of lifelong learning, changes in the demographic characteristics of our communities, the explosion of new knowledge, and the effect of rapid technological advances on professional competence are major factors underlying the University's commitment towards alternative approaches to providing education through open learning.

The Office of Open Learning

The Office of Open Learning is the institutional focus for distance education, continuing education, the Open Learning program. As such, the Office supports departments in the development and delivery of open learning activities. Courses and programs cover a broad spectrum of learning needs which include professional updating programs and general interest/knowledge enhancing courses.

The Open Learning Program

The Open Learning program is an open admission distance-only mode of study that provides access to degree-credit university courses for individuals who wish to study independently but are not interested in pursuing a degree at the University of Guelph at the present time. You may register in the Open Learning program, even if you are in another program or are registered at another educational institution. The Open Learning program extends the academic resources of the University to those interested in personal enrichment, professional updating, or eventual application to a degree program.

Open Learning program students must complete the same assignments and examinations as those in degree programs and are evaluated using the same standards. Upon successful completion of a course, learners receive the same credit weight for courses as would apply to courses taken within the degree program.

Individuals wanting to transfer from the Open Learning program to a degree program must have successfully completed a minimum of four degree-credit courses following Schedule C for continuation of studies requirements (see Section VIII - Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures) and they must meet the admission requirements for transfer into their program of choice. Eligibility for admission into a degree program will be based on the established internal transfer requirements for the program and the specialization of choice and on consideration of any previous post-secondary experience (if applicable). Further information is available from the Office of Open Learning by e-mail: INFO@OPENLRNG.UOGUELPH.CA , or by calling (519) 767-5010

Open Learning Program Courses

Note: Getting ready for Calculus, a non-degree credit preparatory course, is also offered via distance education.

Note: Please check with the Office of Open Learning regarding the technology and resource requirements (e.g. computer, modem, VCR, audio cassette recorder, etc.) for the specific course(s) in which you are interested.

Distance Education

The Office of Open Learning facilitates the delivery of degree credit courses to students who are typically off-campus or wish to take a distance course in order to accommodate their schedule. The Office of Open Learning assists in course development and preparation and is the focal point of this activity by providing information, student support, and administration. Please refer to the Distance Education heading in this section for the listing of courses offered through the distance format.

Calendars and brochures outlining complete details of distance education activities are available from the Office of Open Learning, Room 153 Johnston Hall, 767-5010, INFO@OPENLRNG.UOGUELPH.CA.

Continuing Education

The Office of Open Learning offers six different continuing education certificate programs. Each program consists of five or six related, not for degree, credit courses. Generally, courses are scheduled for one three- hour evening class held once a week over a ten week period. Some classes are scheduled on Saturdays. Students are expected to do a reasonable amount of reading on their own in support of their courses. Those seeking certification are required to complete assignments and write examinations. The Certificate Program for Child Care Administrators is available by distance only. To qualify for a certificate, candidates must receive a passing grade in all of the required courses in the program of their choice and apply in writing to the Office of Open Learning for certification.

In addition to the Certificate programs, many short intensive continuing education workshops/courses/seminars and conferences are offered in specific topic areas each year. For more complete information on any continuing education courses and/or certificate programs, please contact the Office of Open Learning, Room 159, Johnston Hall, 767-5000, email: INFO@OPENLRNG.UOGUELPH.CA.

Certificate Program in Human Resources Management

This program consists of five courses and is designed to meet the learning needs of two types of individuals: those who are working (or aspiring to work) in personnel/human resources departments and those who work (or aspire to work) in areas influencing or influenced by areas such as recruitment, compensation, performance evaluation, employee training and development, and labour relations. The certificate program is comprised of the following 5 required courses:

Certificate Program in Personnel Administration

The Certificate Program in Personnel Administration is designed for individuals who currently work in a personnel/human resources environment, or who have ambition to do so. The program focuses on effective human resources recruitment, management and administration and consists of the following 5 required courses, each related to a specific topic of study relevant to the personnel/human resource management function:

Certificate Program in Managing People at Work

Effective and efficient managers get things done through and with the help of others. Successful managers are leaders who know how to work with people in meeting organizational goals and objectives. These managers have the right set of supervisory/management skills, knowledge and attitudes which are critical for positive and rewarding results. The Certificate Program in Managing People at Work is designed to provide training to individuals who are newly appointed or aspiring managers in organizations. The Certificate program is comprised of the following 5 courses:

*Also available by distance education.

Certificate Program in Communication

Good communication depends upon particular skills that everyone possesses. These skills can be improved and enhanced with guidance and practice. An effective communicator listens carefully, thinks clearly, and speaks and writes with clarity and precision. The Certificate Program in Communications is designed for individuals who wish to develop and/or enhance their oral and written communication skills. It is comprised of the following 5 required courses and choice of one elective course:

Core Courses (Required)

Elective Courses (Choose One)

* Also available by distance education

** Available by distance education only

Certificate Program for Child Care Administrators

The responsibilities of child care administrators are becoming increasingly complex. A foundation of management skills combined with knowledge of current legislation is necessary to establish, maintain, and promote a quality child care services. The distance study Certificate Program for Child Care Administrators will enable administrators to develop essential personnel, fiscal, and resource management skills, in the context of current regulations.

National Certificate Program in Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector Management

Voluntary and non profit sector managers are required to administer increasingly complex organizations with limited resources. Professional management practice must be based on a comprehensive understanding of management concepts and the many features of practice unique to the non profit setting. The National Certificate Program in Voluntary and Non Profit Sector Management is designed to give managers the educational support they need to face this challenge.

The University of Guelph is one of seventeen universities across Canada offering this program. Developed by The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, the program has also benefited from the input of leaders and decision makers in the voluntary sector throughout the country.

Core Courses (Required)

Elective Courses (Choose Two)

For more specific information on any of the certificate programs listed above, or any other continuing education courses, please visit the Office of Continuing Education office in Room 159, Johnston Hall, or call 519-767-5000, FAX 519-767-0758.

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XI--Special Study Opportunities

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