University of Guelph 1997-98 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Fisheries Biology

Department of Zoology, College of Biological Science.

The Honours Fisheries Biology program allows students to undertake studies in the broad field of aquatic resources, with emphasis on the scientific foundations of fish production and management of the aquatic environment.

Specialized Honours

Semester 1

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100, 92-102.
19-104 General Chemistry I
63-108 Elements of Calculus I
76-107 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I
*One Arts or Social Science elective.

Semester 2

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100, 92-102. (Students must have taken 92-102 by the end of semester 2).
19-105 General Chemistry II
One computing and information science course from 27-120, 27-150, 27-170.
76-108 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences II
*One Arts or Social Science elective.

Semester 3

One biological science course from 17-115, 65-100.
40-200 Introductory Genetics
92-207 Invertebrate Zoology I
92-210 Developmental Biology
*One elective.

Semester 4

19-258 Introductory Biochemistry
89-204 Statistics I
92-208 Invertebrate Zoology II
92-209 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
*One elective.

Semester 5

15-221 Introductory Cell Biology
15-311 Population Ecology
89-205 Statistics II
92-319 Comparative Animal Physiology
*One elective.

Semester 6

15-312 Community Ecology
15-313 Conservation Biology I
15-345 Introduction to Aquatic Environments
19-356 Structure and Function in Biochemistry
71-319 Fundamentals of Nutrition
*One elective.

Semester 7

92-301 Wild Life Parasitology
92-402 Ichthyology
92-407 Animal Behaviour
92-435 Biology of Polluted Waters
*One elective.

Semester 8

15-415 Conservation Biology II
92-433 Environmental Biology of Fishes
*Three electives.

*Lists of suggested electives should be obtained from Department of Zoology advisors.


Students may select either a program in Fisheries Biology or, in consultation with faculty and departmental advisors, choose a course of study providing for concentration in a more specialized area such as Ichthyology, Aquaculture, Limnology, Aquatic Pollution, or Fisheries Science. Students wishing a combined fish and wildlife oriented program can fulfill this objective through the use of electives. In the early semesters, students should select as electives those courses that will be needed as prerequisites for their 7th and 8th semester electives.

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science - B.Sc.

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