University of Guelph 1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar

Bachelor of Commerce

* L.A. Beattie & J.C. Beattie Memorial Scholarship
* Clara E. Elliott Entrance Scholarships
* Amos & William Lowe Memorial Scholarship
* Mac-FACS Alumni Entrance Scholarships
* OAC Alumni Foundation Entrance Scholarships
* Alma Mater B.Comm. Management Economics in Industry and Finance Scholarships
* Ann E. Barber Memorial Scholarship
* George D. Bedell Prize
* Dorothy Britton Memorial Scholarships
* J. Ross Cavers International Exchange Scholarship
* Certified Management Accountants Grand River Chapter Bursary
* Class of 1905 Scholarship
* Class of '51 OAC Leadership Awards
* Class 1955 OAC Scholarships
* Class '67 OAC Centennial Scholarship
* Class of '76 Graduation Prize
* Deloitte Touche Scholarship
* Joan Doherty Memorial Scholarship
* Four Seasons Hotels Scholarship
* Grand River Chapter (Society of Management Accountants of Ontario) Bursary
* H.H. Harshman Foundation Scholarships
* HAFA Alumni Association Life Membership Prize
* Heimbecker Award in Entrepreneurship
* Shirley Louie Memorial Scholarship
* MAC '41 Marketing Scholarship
* Mac-FACS Alumni Association Scholarship - Semester 2
* Mac-FACS Alumni Association Scholarship - Semester 5 or 6
* Mac-FACS Mature Student Bursary
* Jack Madden Medal in Economic History
* G.H. Mann Food Service Scholarship
* Dawn Morris Memorial Award
* Nelson Women's Institute Bursary
* OAC Alumni Foundation Leadership Awards
* OAC Centennial Graduate Fellowships
* OAC Students' Federation Medal
* Ontario Agricultural Co-operatives Scholarships
* C.W. Riley Prize
* Archie and Isabelle (Cook) Rintoul Bursary
* Robb Travel Grants
* Gerhard Scherf Memorial Scholarship
* Dorothy Shantz Memorial Scholarship
* Kae and Gordon Skinner Memorial Scholarship
* E.D. Smith Scholarship in Foodservice Administration
* Walter M. Stewart Scholarships
* Jim Stokman Memorial Scholarship
* C. M. Switzer Scholarships
* Varley and Lyon Exchange Scholarships
* Janet M. Wardlaw Medal

1999-2000 Undergraduate Calendar
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