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V--International Study

This section contains information related to International Study under the following topics:

Study Abroad Programs

University of Guelph study abroad programs consist of two types: semesters abroad and exchange programs.

Semesters abroad offer a structured group experience where a Guelph faculty member accompanies students abroad. Students take Guelph courses and pay tuition to the University of Guelph.

Exchange programs offer students an opportunity to take courses at a university abroad for up to a year and get credit toward their degree at Guelph. In return, students from the host university may study at Guelph. Tuition is paid to the student's home university.

Students participating in any University of Guelph study abroad program including exchange, semester abroad and some L.O.P. programs will be required to pay the $200 study abroad fee (see Section VI--Schedule of Fees). Participants in a University of Guelph study abroad program may qualify for a travel scholarship, see Section IX--Scholarships and Other Awards for details.

For information on these or other work or study abroad options, please contact the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall, Level 2.

International Field Studies

International Field Studies Grants are available for students who individually arrange opportunities abroad with supervising faculty. Details and application forms are available from the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall.

Semesters Abroad

Students registered in a Semester Abroad are recognized as University of Guelph students and thus fall under the rules and regulations of the University of Guelph. It should to be noted however, that many study abroad semesters involve the employment of sessional faculty from abroad. While every attempt is made to fully inform these faculty of the Senate regulations concerning academic procedures and evaluation of student work, there may be times when appeals by students are not handled in a fashion that would be appropriate under the University of Guelph guidelines. It is therefore recommended that any student who wishes to submit an appeal to Academic Review or request a grade reassessment should first contact the semester abroad coordinator for advice.

It will be the responsibility of the coordinator to refer the matter through the appropriate channels. In some cases this might be to a department chair, in others, through a dean. At all times the University of Guelph's rules and procedures will be adhered to. Given the distance between the University of Guelph and the host institution, the time deadlines in place for processing requests for academic review or grade reassessments will not be enforced. Students studying on an exchange should normally expect to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution.

The University offers the following semester abroad programs, however, not all semester abroad programs are offered every year. Contact the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall, Level 2, for information on current offerings.

Cannes - La Bocca Semester Abroad

The Cannes - La Bocca Semester Abroad in France is a special study-abroad semester offered to approximately 25 students in the Bachelor of Commerce program who have completed at least 7.50 credits. This Fall semester program is offered in even-numbered years. It directs particular attention to international issues in hospitality and tourism, and provides for exploration of the cultural, historical and social resources of the French Riviera, one of the oldest and best known tourist destinations in Europe. The experience is enriched through the inclusion of special field trips and excursions. Further details, application forms and deadline dates on the program are available through the Centre for International Programs.

India Semester

The India semester offers a unique opportunity for up to 20 students to take University of Guelph courses at the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur. The India semester allows students to combine academic pursuits with the exploration of the rich historical and cultural resources of one of the world's oldest civilizations.

Krakow Semester

The Guelph/Krakow semester provides the opportunity for up to 20 University of Guelph students to study at Jagiellonian University (the alma mater of Copernicus) for the fall semester. Students, who will have completed 4 semesters with a 70% average, in all undergraduate university programs are encouraged to apply (an association with the Agricultural University in Krakow provides OAC students with a unique opportunity to learn about Polish agriculture). Courses are taught by Polish faculty in English and are accredited at either the 3000 or 4000 level. Survival Polish lessons will be provided. In addition to the experience of living in a Krakow university residence and learning formally and informally about Polish art, culture, history, political systems, etc., there are a number of trips to areas and place of interest in Poland. The semester is co-ordinated by a Guelph faculty member who may also teach a course in Krakow. More detailed information about academic requirements, bursaries, courses, etc. can be obtained from the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall.

Latin America Semester

Organized with the University of Saskatchewan, this semester-long academic program in Guatemala offers Spanish-language training and local home stays to complement our humanities and social science courses. In the future, the Latin America Semester may rotate among other countries in the region. For more information, contact Dr. Kris Inwood, Department of Economics.

London Semester

Students may take a full-time semester in Britain by going on the London Semester. While the courses offered are in Arts and/or Social Science, all students are eligible to apply. The Senate regulations governing the London semester, application forms, deadline dates, and details concerning the selection of students are available at the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall.

Nice Program

Guelph students have many opportunities to enrich their academic French studies through varied programs. They may choose to spend semesters 5 and 6 in Nice, France, with the Canadian Third Year in Nice program (not to be confused with the Universite Canadienne en France program), sponsored in part by the University of Guelph. In this program, Guelph students take courses at the University of Nice along with regular French students. Another possibility is spending one or more semesters at a university in Quebec, in which case they are eligible for the monitor program (financial support in exchange for teaching conversational English) as well as several bursaries.

Francophone students at Guelph are also eligible for the monitor program, teaching conversational French locally. French Studies graduates may apply to the Canada France Exchange program which allows them to spend one full year in France, teaching conversational English in French high schools, as well as pursuing their studies at a French university if they so wish. For further details, contact the departmental advisor, School of Languages and Literatures, College of Arts.

Paris Semester

Up to 25 students may take advantage of this unique semester abroad experience. Courses are taught in English and are offered in the Arts and/or the Social Sciences. All students are eligible to apply. Information, application forms and further details are available from the Centre for International Programs.

Exchange Programs

A variety of exchange programs exist for undergraduate students who wish to study at an overseas institution for a period of time. Regulations about exchange programs are shown in Exchange Programs of Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures. For further information on any study abroad program, visit the InfoCentre, Centre for International Programs, Level 2, Day Hall. The University of Guelph has official student exchange agreements with the following institutions:

International Letter of Permission--L.O.P.

The University of Guelph has established several programs under the Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC) whereby the University of Guelph students may study overseas on a Letter of Permission. Students participating in these programs pay tuition to the host institution and not to the University of Guelph. The Centre for International Programs administers all CUSAC, LOP programs.

For more information, visit the InfoCentre, Centre for International Programs, Level 2, Day Hall.

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