2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.)

Program Information

Academic Counselling

Program Counselling

Students are urged to seek the assistance of the counsellors in the B.Comm. Counselling Office regarding their program and academic regulations, course selection issues, services and resources, and when they are experiencing difficulties that affect their academic progress.

Departmental Advising

On entering the program, all students are assigned to a departmental Faculty Advisor by major. Students should seek the advice of the Faculty Advisor when they have questions or concerns about courses and academic requirements for their program/major. The Faculty Advisor is also knowledgeable about career opportunities which relate to a student's specific major. The list of Faculty Advisors is available on the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre website: http://www.uoguelph.ca/uaic/students_advisors.shtml or contact the B.Comm. Counselling Office for further information.

Special Expenses

Expenses may include cost of field trips and supplies and, for some majors, laboratory coats and other protective clothing.

Study at Other Universities

Students contemplating study at another university for credit towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Guelph should refer to the general regulations governing Letters of Permission in Section VIII - Degree Regulations and Procedures in this calendar.

Students must obtain approval for the Letter of Permission prior to undertaking studies at another institution. Approval of the request depends on good standing in the program with a minimum cumulative average of 60%.

The total limit of credits taken on a Letter of Permission is 2.50 based on the University of Guelph's credit system.

Study Abroad

Global understanding and perspectives are regarded as being of central importance among the university's learning objectives, as they are, also, in understanding the international business environment. On both of these accounts, students enrolled in the B.Comm. program are urged to participate in one of the several exchange and study abroad programs specifically designed for the Commerce program. Planning for such participation is best undertaken quite early in the course of studies. For more specific information on possible opportunities refer to Section V--International Study of the calendar or contact the B.Comm. program counsellor.

Continuation of Studies

Students are advised to consult the regulations for Continuation of Study within the program which are outlined in detail in Section VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Conditions of Graduation

To qualify for a Bachelor of Commerce degree, the student must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The student must successfully complete 1.50 credits from the Liberal Education Requirement list.

  • The student must successfully complete a minimum of 20.00 approved credits, in accordance with the Schedule of Studies for the specified major, including the Liberal Education Requirement.

  • Students will not be eligible to graduate while on probationary or required-to-withdraw status.

Double Counting of Courses

Double counting is not permitted within the B.Comm. Program. For example, students can not use courses required in their schedule of studies to meet the Liberal Education Requirement.

Schedule of Studies

Courses specified in the schedule of studies are required courses and must be completed successfully. A full course load normally involves 2.50 credits per semester. Part-time study is also possible although students should discuss this option with their Program Counsellor or Faculty Advisor.