2024 Advancing Research Impact Fund – Livestock Innovation Grants


Food from Thought (FfT) originally funded in part by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF)

This Call for Proposals is managed by the Research Innovation Office at the University of Guelph.


Livestock Innovation Grants will provide up to $40,000 for each project for up to 1 year in duration.

Specifically, Livestock Innovation Grants will support University of Guelph researchers wanting to work collaboratively with End Users (farmers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and other scientists) to co-develop innovative practices and practical technologies to address current livestock priority problems. End Users are needed to play a key role as advisors during and after project completion. Any direct research use of animals is still completed by faculty at the U of G.    

Livestock problem areas to address include: biosecurity; farm infrastructure; climate change (adverse weather); animal health-information systems; and animal healthcare delivery.

This fund is reserved for projects aiming to improve the livestock sector in Canada.  Due to their small size and duration, projects are not meant to completely solve problems but instead to advance solutions closer to implementation/adoption and ideally to increase the probability of securing future funding for an even larger project with industry.

Researchers from any department are welcome to apply.

For More Information

See the Grant Summary and Grant Application Form attached.


The Research Innovation Office, through the Advancing Research Impact Fund (ARIF), in collaboration with Food from Thought, offers funding for U of G researchers to complete research-based projects to support the Canadian Agri-food sector.


U of G faculty eligible to hold Tri-Agency funding with research expertise in livestock

Funding Availability

Total Program Funding Envelope: $240,000

Maximum Project Value

Each Project has a maximum value of $40,000.

Indirect Costs

There are no indirect costs charged (overhead is zero).

Project Duration

Projects should be one year or less in duration.

Projects may start as early as 1 September 2024, but must be completed by 30 November 2025.

Final project reports are required, and April 2025 progress reports may also be requested.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

How to Apply

First, prior to applying, the PI must book/complete a required Pre-Submission Consultation (Teams meeting) with David Hobson (dhobson@uoguelph.ca) to confirm the suitability of your project. This is meant to improve your chances of success.

Submit completed documents:

  • Grant application (template provided) as a PDF
  • OR-5 Form – as a signed PDF (PI, Chair, College)
  • Optional letters of support signed by industry partner(s) demonstrating interest in advising or providing in-kind support, as a PDF – if applicable
  • Excel budget worksheet (template provided)

Application P\packages must be submitted by email to David Hobson, dhobson@uoguelph.ca, and Kelly Ziegler, kziegler@uoguelph.ca, by noon (12pm) on Friday, May 31, 2024.


For Questions, please contact

David Hobson, dhobson@uoguelph.ca, x58859

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