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The program aims to accelerate the pace of innovation by providing funding and support for pre-commercial science activities and cutting-edge research that benefits the agriculture and agri-food sector and Canadians. The AgriScience Projects component aims to support specific shorter-term research activities to help industry overcome challenges and address fiscal barriers experienced by small and emerging sectors. They also seek to mitigate high risk opportunities that have the potential to yield significant returns. Any activities, including research, occurring at the commercialization phase of development for products, practices, processes, systems or technologies are INELIGIBLE.

Five (5) areas were identified to address key industry and government priorities through Project activities. Projects are expected to address at least one priority. Program priorities and examples of eligible activities are:

  • Improve support for minor commodities, emerging, and transformative areas.
  • Invest in discovery and applied science for major commodity sectors.
  • Enhance efforts in clean growth, environment, and climate change
  • Accelerate growth of Canada's food and beverage processing or value-added secto
  • Strengthen knowledge transfer and adoption


University of Guelph researchers are eligible only as Contracted Services and may not apply as the main applicant. 

Eligible applicants under Projects are for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

For-profit organizations, which may include:

  • businesses and/or corporations
  • co-operatives
  • Indigenous groups

Not-for-profit organizations, which may include:

  • associations
  • corporations
  • co-operatives
  • Indigenous groups

All eligible applicants must be legal entities capable of entering into legally binding agreements.

Maximum Project Value

The maximum AAFC funding amount for a Project will be less than $5 million over 5 years. Researchers should discuss their maximum budgets with applicants directly. 

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Projects can range from 1-5 years in length. All projects must be completed by March 31, 2023.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Applications are accepted by AAFC on a rolling basis. If a U of G researcher will be participating on a project as Contracted Services, the Office of Research requests that they contact research.services@uoguelph.ca as soon as possible to set-up a pre-submission consultation, which will advise the researcher on the documents required for U of G to participate on a project. The Office of Research must receive all U of G required documents, including a signed OR-5 Form one week before the main applicant plans to submit the full proposal to AAFC. 

How to Apply

If you are working with an organization who will be applying to this program, please contact the Office of Research ASAP for a pre-submission consultation. The Office of Research has prepared an internal checklist to assist researchers in the preparation of their applications and to ensure compliance with the AAFC Applicant Guide. 

The University will be referenced by the applicant as Contracted Services on the application form. University researchers must submit their proposed  budget, budget justification, Scope of Work and signed OR-5 to the Office of Research one week prior to the main applicant's intended submission date, along with a completed Letter of Acknowledgement, signed by their College's Dean, for signature by the AVP (Research Services). The Letter of Acknowledgement must make specific reference to the proposed project activities undertaken by the University, and provide confirmation of the researchers' availability to do the work within the proposed project timeframe. If third party co-funds (cash or in-kind) are being leveraged by the University (e.g. grant/contract funds), the researcher team must provide a letter from each funding partner confirming their funds may be used for the Project. For capital costs exceeding $100,000, a Capital Asset Pre-approval Form must be submitted at the time of application.

For Questions, please contact

For more information on the AgriScience Program, please contact AAFC by:
E-mail: aip-pai@agr.gc.ca
Telephone: 1-877-246-4682
TDD/TTY: 613-773-2600

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