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The Alzheimer Society Research Program (ASRP) is a successful collaborative initiative of our Federation, within which all the provincial Alzheimer Societies, the Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC), partners and donors pull together to support research directed at both eradicating dementia and ameliorating the lives of those affected by it.

The ASRP provides grants and awards to support Canadian studies that promise new insights into causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The ASRP focuses on two research streams:

1. The Biomedical Stream provides funding for research into basic biological mechanisms related to brain changes associated with the disease, and into the identification of therapeutic agents to combat the disease. Applications relative to, for example, brain-behaviour mechanisms, biochemical changes and molecular genetics are processed in the Biomedical stream.

2. The Quality of Life stream is concerned with all aspects of dementia care and support. The Alzheimer Society has a particular interest in the means to improve the way care is experienced by people with dementia living in long term care homes, and their families.

All applications for funding must include an explicit statement defining the relevance of the proposed research to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. ASC reserves the right to allocate an application to the review panel deemed most appropriate for that application.


The New Investigator Grant is a prestigious funding opportunity designed to help launch the careers of outstanding researchers who are entering their first phase of an academic appointment. The intent is to help the grantee establish his/her laboratory and generate enough preliminary data to support fully competitive research grant proposals in national and international funding competitions. Applicants must be within two years of their first academic appointment and in a recognised Canadian institution at the application deadline date, and documentation must be provided from the institution to show that the applicant has been appointed to a salaried position that will continue for the duration of the grant. The two year stipulation may be extended if the appointment was interrupted by a significant medical or maternity leave of absence.

The most favoured applications in the Research Grants program are those which focus on challenging new directions in research into Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Principal investigators must hold a position at least equivalent to the rank of Assistant Professor with a Canadian University. Adjunct professors at or above the level of Assistant Professor are eligible to apply. Each grant must designate one principal investigator, who will be the administrative contact; no other principal investigators must be named.

Maximum Project Value

New Investigator Grant: $75,000/year

Research Grant: $75,000/year

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

New Investigator Grant: Maximum of 3 years

Research Grant: Maximum of 2 years

Special Notes

Alzheimer Society Canada


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

PI to submit copy of complete application along with OR5 form to:

External Deadline

Applicant must submit directly to the sponsor. The ASRP does not accept applications and supporting documents via mail (with the exception of university transcripts). All applications and supporting documents must be submitted online through ASC’s Review Room portal.

If you applied online to the ASRP last year, log in with your previous ID and password. The system has autosaved the information you previously submitted and you will not have to fill out the entire application again.

Incomplete and hard copy applications will not be processed.

Information on this competition can be found on the Alzheimer Society Canada website.

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