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The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) - Gender Programme


The ACU Gender Programme offers grants to help member universities to meet the costs of organizing workshops promoting gender equity in higher education. The grants will be awarded annually on a competitive basis.

Suitable workshop topics include (but are not limited to): gender mainstreaming in universities, addressing sexual and gender based harassment and violence on campus, gender considerations in research, women in leadership, and women in science and research.

Workshops can be part of a wider institutional effort to promote gender equity, for example through the establishment of a sexual harassment response mechanism, the introduction of institutional gender policies and practices, or mainstreaming gender into the academic curriculum, etc.

While developing their workshop proposal, applicants are encouraged to use the training resources created by the ACU, or to ask the ACU for advice and support with programme development if needed.



You can apply if you are currently employed by or are organizing the workshop for one of the ACU member institutions

Maximum Project Value

GBP 1,000 or approximately $1630 CDN

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

The workshop should be organized within six months from receiving award notification.  

Special Notes

For approved cases, the allocated amount is reimbursed after the event. ACU expects that the universities considered for the grant will bear some preliminary expenses for the organization of the event, and not completely rely on the grant itself. Any requests to release agreed funding in advance should be stated at the point of application.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

PI to submit copy of application form, support letter from your college and a complete OR5 form to:

External Deadline

PI to submit on line application form to sponsor.

More information about this competition can be found on the sponsor website.


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