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The Fellowships

Click on the individual links below to find out about each fellowship and for details of how to apply. Applicants are advised to only apply for one of the fellowships. 

George Weston Limited Fellowship – awarded in the fields of agriculture, forestry, food science and food technology.

Gordon and Jean Southam Fellowship – open to applicants from any Canadian ACU member university.

Hong Kong Jockey Club Fellowships (inward and outward) – two fellowships are available. The inward fellowship is open to applicants from countries other than Hong Kong, and is tenable at any ACU member institution in Hong Kong. The outward fellowship is open to applicants from Hong Kong and tenable at any ACU member institution in a country other than Hong Kong.

Jacky McAleer Memorial Fellowship – awarded in the field of information technology, with priority given to the computerisation of record systems or computer-assisted learning.

Swansea University Fulton Fellowship – tenable at Swansea University, UK.

University of Oxford Fellowship – tenable at Linacre College, University of Oxford, UK.

Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Fellowship – awarded in the field of accountancy.

Indirect Costs



If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Submit a signed OR-5 form along with a copy of the Fellowship application and a draft letter of support, as applicable per Program to 

External Deadline

How to Apply

Please be in touch with the Office of Research Services in advance of the deadline if possible to coordinate review and signing of draft letters of support. Review the specific program guidelines to determine if a letter is required and the appropriate signatory(ies). 

For Questions, please contact

Office of Research

Ornella McCarron, Grants Officer
Research Services Office
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