BioCanRx Indigenous Student Summer Internship Program


BioCanRx in partnership with Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)


BioCanRx in partnership with OICR is proud to support up to three students working with Ontario-based researchers as part of the program, which provides Indigenous undergraduate university or college students with hands-on research or policy experience in cancer. This is accomplished through internships with research groups at post-secondary institutions across Canada. 

This paid 14-week internship will take place between May and August 2024, and comes with an award to the student of $9,000.

Indigenous undergraduate or college students interested in gaining experience in cancer biotherapeutics research should apply with a BioCanRx network investigator.

Funding Availability

$9,000 salary support

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

The funding is for a 14-week work term May 6, 2024 to August 30, 2024.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Applicant submits full application to sponsor.

If awarded, please remit Award Notification, Final Application submission and OR-5 to

How to Apply

BioCanRx is hosting an informational Webinar on January 25, 2024 at 1:00 pm.

Program information is available on the BioCanRx website with instructions on eligibility and application requirements available in the 2024 Program Guidelines.

At the time of the application, students must have found a supervisor with whom they wish to work and have made arrangements with the proposed supervisor to co-apply to this award. 

For Questions, please contact

Megan Mahoney at

Office of Research

Laurie Gallinger, Awards & Agreements Officer
Research Services Office

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