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Consult the 2024 Request for Applications Document for full program and application instructions.  Programs include:

  • Dr. Hubert van Tol Travel Fellowship
  • Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC) Neuroscience Fellowship in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research
  • Pierre Auger Morissette Capacity-Building Award in ALS Research
  • Rising Star Award in ALS Research
  • Oliver Goy Rising Star Award in ALS Research
  • Henry and Berenice Kaufmann Foundation Trainee Award in Brain Cancer Research
  • Dr. Matthew Galati Brain Changer Award
  • Brain Canada Next Gen Award in Parkinson's Disease Research
  • Rising Star Award in Mental Health Research, in memory of Vivian Distler


Brain Canada Foundation (Brain Canada) is a national registered charity that enables and supports excellent, innovative, paradigm-changing brain research in Canada. For more than two decades, Brain Canada has made the case for the brain as a single, complex system with commonalities across the range of neurological disorders, mental illnesses and addictions, and brain and spinal cord injuries. Looking at the brain as one system has underscored the need for increased collaboration across disciplines and institutions and to ensure that Canada has a robust pipeline of talent to remain at the forefront in the field of brain research. Brain Canada’s vision is to understand the brain, in health and illness, to improve lives and achieve societal impact.  

Supporting the next generation of brain researchers in Canada is needed to ensure the success of the Canadian brain research ecosystem. Trainees are the learners of today and the leaders of tomorrow, but the increasing competitiveness of the Canadian research environment and the limited financial support from granting agencies and institutions can make it difficult to attain the resources needed to excel.  In response to the need voiced by the academic community, the Brain Canada Rising Stars Trainee Awards aim to recognize the excellent research being conducted at Canadian institutions by graduate students (M.Sc., Ph.D.), postdoctoral fellows and medical residents in all fields spanning neuroscience research. With the goal of helping trainees launch their academic careers and pursue their professional goals, the Rising Stars Trainee Awards aim to broaden the funding opportunities available to trainees. 


  • A trainee is defined as a full-time graduate student (M.Sc., Ph.D.), postdoctoral fellow or medical resident conducting neuroscience research at a Canadian institution.
  • Trainees can apply to all 2024 Trainee Award Opportunities available, if eligible. However, should they be selected to receive funding for more than one award, they will be required to accept only one.
  • Multiple trainees from the same supervisor can apply.
  • Individuals who hold an academic position are not eligible to apply.
  • For travel awards: Trainees must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student (M.Sc., Ph.D.) or postdoctoral fellow at the time of conference/ symposium or training course attendance.
  • For stipend awards: Trainees must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student (M.Sc., Ph.D.) postdoctoral fellow or medical resident for the entire duration of the award (i.e., until September 30th, 2025).  

Funding Availability

Each program has a different funding availability. Consult the Request for Applications for full details

Maximum Project Value

Varies by program

Indirect Costs



If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

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Submit complete application materials plus OR-5 to

External Deadline

Submit full application to sponsor through electronic grant management system SmartSimple.

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