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Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW)


OVC has received a generous bequest from the Estate of Brigitte Jager to study the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect.

Some animals in human care experience less than optimal welfare, sometimes due to cruelty (e.g. bullying or sadism) or, more often, due to neglect, and overlooking animals' needs. Causes can include

  • financial constraints
  • limited oversight or regulation
  • obliviousness to welfare problems (e.g. due to "farm blindness" or not understanding animal behaviour)
  • caregivers experiencing financial stress, mental/physical health concerns, “burn out” or compassion fatigue. 

This grant call supports research projects studying any such form of animal cruelty or neglect, whether deliberate, incidental or accidental. 

Eligible projects must focus on a clearly defined animal welfare problem. The planned research must aim to understand and address the human factors responsible for animal suffering and indicate ways to reduce or prevent its occurrence.

CCSAW takes an “affective states” view of animal welfare, so welfare impacts and solutions must be described in terms of animal feelings/quality of life. 

This competition will be adjudicated by the CCSAW Steering Committee.


Principal investigators and collaborators

  • Must be a University of Guelph tenured or tenure-track researcher
  • At least one PI or Co-PI on the successful project must be an OVC researcher because the gift was directed to OVC
  • Emeritus faculty are eligible as PIs but must include co-PI who is a current faculty member
  • Research with collaborators external to U of G is encouraged as long as the specific role of each investigator is specified in the proposal
  • Up to three applications can be submitted per PI

​Eligible research approaches include:

  • Pedagogical research aimed at improving training in the understanding and prevention of cruelty or neglect
  • Projects that bring together interdisciplinary teams and/or those that apply diverse
  • Projects that apply intellectual and cultural frameworks for considering human-animal relationships

Ineligible approaches include:

  • The planned research methodology must not be terminal nor require euthanasia of the animal

Funding Availability

Project costs up to $200K will be considered.

Permissible budget items include:

  • All reasonable research costs, including publication costs, student support, personnel, equipment and teaching relief
  • Travel costs associated with the experiments, or presentation of results of research at conferences
  • Support staff, if well justified (for example, transcriptionists; skilled support staff required to meet animal care guidelines; support for qualitative studies).

Maximum Project Value

Up to $200,000

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Up to 3 years, with possible extension upon request

Projects must start no later than Mar 1, 2025.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Please send application as attachments to

An OR-5 is required only if the project is funded.

How to Apply

Please prepare a 5-page proposal following the evaluation criteria found in the full CFP document.

Send proposal as an attachment to

For Questions, please contact

Questions can be emailed to Dr. Georgia Mason, Director, CCSAW at

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