Canada Biomedical Research Fund and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund


Tri-Agency Program Secretariat (TIPS) and Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)


Canada Biomedical Research Fund and Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund

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Through Canada’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy (“the Strategy”), the Government of Canada is investing more than $2.2 billion over seven years to continue growing a strong, competitive biomanufacturing and life sciences sector, and to ensure Canada is prepared for future pandemics by increasing domestic capacity through investments and partnerships to produce life-saving vaccines and therapeutics. 

  • Canada Biomedical Research Fund (CBRF) will support high-risk, applied research, training and talent development partnership projects.
  • Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (BRIF) willsupport the bioscience infrastructure needs of postsecondary institutions and research hospitals.

The CBRF and BRIF are based on an ecosystem approach, designed to build on existing assets and infrastructure, and to forge partnerships across multiple sectors, including industry and government research facilities. This is consistent with the holistic approach to investments under the Strategy. To maximize impact and ensure investments complement and reinforce each other, the programs feature a two-stage, integrated competitive process:

  • Stage 1: selection of three to five research hubs
  • Stage 2: open, national call for partnered applied research, research-training, and infrastructure projects associated with the selected research hubs


This is an institutional application; i.e. the applicant is the University.

Maximum Project Value

Stage 1: $500,000 per year

CBRF Stage 2: $500,000 to $5 million per year

BRIF Stage 2: total competition budget of up to $338 million for infrastructure and associated operating costs

Indirect Costs

Each stage may include up to 25% of the total award value for indirect costs of research

Project Duration

CBRF: maximum four years

BRIF: infrastructure project end dates determined through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) usual mechanisms

How to Apply

If you would like more information about the University of Guelph's response to this opportunity, or if you are contacted by another institution requesting participation in a Stage 1 application, please contact Ailsa Kay (


For Questions, please contact

Office of Research

Ailsa Kay, Manager, Strategic Research Programs
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x58321

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