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Innovation Fund - SSHA Stream


NEW Funding stream announced for CFI IF 2025.

To better support the research community in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts (SSHA), the 2025 Innovation Fund will:

• Allow each institution to submit one proposal outside of the institutional envelope with the primary field of research in SSHA;
• Establish an SSHA-specific funding stream with adapted assessment criteria; 
• Extend the eligibility of personnel required for the continuous development and use of databases (evergreening).

The objectives of the Innovation Fund competition are to:

  • Enable internationally competitive research or technology development through the equitable participation of expert team members;
  • Enhance and optimize the capacity of institutions and research communities to conduct the proposed research or technology development program(s) over the useful life of the infrastructure;
  • Lead to social, health, environmental and/or economic benefits for Canadians. 


Aligned with CFI objectives and criteria, the University will select one SSHA project competitively based on:

  • internationally competitive research or technology development;
  • composition and expertise of the team;
  • necessary and appropriate infrastructure that enhances existing capacity;
  • well-defined plan to transfer the results of the research or technology development program(s) that will lead to benefits for Canadians.

The following institutional considerations will also be taken into account:

  • alignment with institutional priority and prior investments;
  • potential partnerships with other institutions (with access to other institutional envelopes);
  • financial risk (especially where construction and renovation budgets are significant).    


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline
Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are due to the Manager, Strategic Research Programs. See EOI requirements for details. EOIs will be evaluated by the University's CFI IF Committee. 




How to Apply

Submit an EOI by internal deadline of June 4.
EOIs will be evaluated and selected by the University's CFI IF Committee.  
For more details on requirements and process, please see Innovation Fund | Office of Research (  

Information For Co-applicants

Co-applicants on SSHA applications will draw from the institution's CFI IF envelope. Co-applicant EOIs are due by the extended deadline of July 31, 2024. Please see Canada Foundation for Innovation - Innovation Fund - 2025 Co-applicants | Research Alerts ( 

For Questions, please contact

Office of Research

Ailsa Kay, Manager, Strategic Research Programs
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x58321

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