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The objective of the Intramural Research Grant Program is to support collaborative research projects that will generate knowledge and lead to new discoveries that will improve the safety and efficacy of blood products and the blood system in general. 

This program seeks to increase the knowledge underpinning blood transfusion and blood-related stem cell transplantation practices.  In turn, this will lead to new discoveries that will improve the safety and efficacy of blood products and the blood system in general. The research supported through the Intramural Research Grant program will contribute to Canadian Blood Services reaching its overall goal of attaining excellence in the manufacturing and distribution of biological products and in the provision of clinical services, thus improving patient outcomes

Research Priorities:

  • Promoting appropriate blood product utilization;
  • Ensuring an adequate blood product supply;
  • Minimizing the adverse effects of blood product transfusion;
  • Optimizing blood product quality;
  • Replacing or improving blood products through new therapies or technologies.


The research team must include:

  • at least two investigators (including the Principal Investigator) and;
  • at least one of the investigators must be affiliated with Canadian Blood Services (i.e., Canadian Blood Services Scientist, Medical Officer/Director/Consultant, or Adjunct Scientist).
  • investigators affiliated with a Canadian academic program as faculty members

Funding Availability

The total amount available is $1,200,000, and it is anticipated that three (3) new grants will be funded.

Maximum Project Value

The proposed project budget must not exceed $200,000 per year for a maximum duration of two years ($400,000 total).

  • Funds cannot be used for:
    • salary support for investigators (i.e. individuals who are eligible to apply for operating funds from the federal agencies).
    • maintenance/service contracts
  • Funds may be used for:
    • trainee stipends, research staff salaries (e.g. research assistants, technicians, etc.),
    • the purchase of expendable materials and supplies,
    • the purchase and maintenance of experimental animals,
    • project team collaborative and networking activities (e.g., team meetings, conference calls, travel),
    • knowledge dissemination activities (e.g., publication costs).
    • travel expenses (to a maximum of $3,000 per year). 
    • the purchase of small items of equipment up to a maximum of $8,500 (exclusive of applicable taxes) over two years. 

Indirect Costs



If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

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