Canadian Poverty Hub - Call for Submissions

The Canadian Poverty Institute and the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness are pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Poverty Hub. The Poverty Hub will be an online repository of relevant research on the causes and impacts of poverty, as well as policies and best practices in poverty prevention and reduction. The Poverty Hub will be integrated with the existing Homeless Hub to provide a searchable database for researchers, practitioners and government policy officials to access current research on a range of poverty related issues.

As an important contributor to poverty research and the effort to eradicate poverty in Canada, the Poverty Hub invites submission of relevant research and related reports. Of most interest is information that advances understanding of a broad range of poverty-related issues. To submit resources for inclusion in the Poverty Hub email with a description of the resource and a link or an electronic copy. By sharing our research we help build our collective knowledge and our capacity to work effectively to eradicate poverty in Canada.

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For more information, or with any questions please contact:

Derek Cook B.A. M.Sc. RSW
Director, Canadian Poverty Institute
Ambrose University
150 Ambrose Circle SW
Calgary, AB, T3H 0L5
1.800.461.1222 ext. 2913

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