Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation: Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program 2017 Call for Innovations


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The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation’s (CABHI) mission is to accelerate the development, validation, commercialization, dissemination and adoption of innovative products, services and best practices to support brain health and aging. Their vision is a world in which people can age in the setting of their choice, maintaining their well-being and independence for as long as possible.

The Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program (RCP2) will support teams of clinicians and researchers collaborating to refine, test, validate and disseminate innovative solutions in real-world settings. Solutions must be at an advanced stage of development, with promising scalability. Organizations of successful applicants will receive up to $500,000 (CAD) to support their projects. Projects cannot exceed 15 months in duration (including submission of final project report) and must begin by June 2018.


Innovation Themes

In 2017-18, CABHI’s focus will be on testing innovative solutions that are aimed at addressing the specific themes listed below. All project applications must focus on one or more of these themes. You can learn more about CABHI’s priority themes here.

  1. Aging in place: solutions that enable older adults with dementia to maximize their choice, independence and quality of life to enable aging in the most appropriate setting
  2. Caregiver support: solutions that support caregivers (formal and informal) in providing care to older adults with dementia
  3. Care coordination and navigation: solutions that help older adults, caregivers and healthcare providers coordinate care and transitions for older adults with dementia
  4. Cognitive health: solutions focused on health promotion, prevention, early diagnostics, and slowing the progression of cognitive impairment in aging adults


Applicants must apply as a team composed of at least one researcher and one clinician working jointly on study design, trial implementation, data collection, analysis and reporting. Team members do not have to be employed by the same organization.

Either the lead clinician or lead researcher must be identified as the project’s Principal Investigator (PI). The PI must be employed by an institution that is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) “qualified donee” located in Canada. 

Teams may also include industry partners and collaborators from other organizations. Only the Host Institution must be a CRA qualified donee.

Funding Availability

CABHI will support project costs that are directly associated with the trial of an innovative solution (product, service, or practice), to a maximum of CAD $500,000 with a 15-month timeline for completion (including submission of final project report). Refer to the RCP2 Program Eligible Expense Guideline for information on eligible project costs. View the Eligible Expenses GuidelineView the In-Kind Contributions and Matching Funds Policy.

CABHI funding will be provided to the Host Institution employing the PI. The Host Institution is responsible for distributing funds to other project participants.

No specific amount of matching funds from the Host Institution is required to apply for the RCP2. However, preference will be given to applications that demonstrate how CABHI’s funding will leverage support from other funding sources.

For example, applicants might show evidence of government, industry partner or institutional commitment through a blend of cash and/or in-kind contributions such as office or lab space, equipment, connectivity, staff salaries, etc.

Indirect Costs


Special Notes

Ownership Rights

CABHI will not retain any ownership rights to the intellectual property associated with the solution (product, service, or practice) but will retain the right to disseminate the findings of the testing completed.

If and when the Innovation is commercialized (whether through the licensing, sale or other exploitation of the innovation), and if and when the Host Institution receives a royalty or any other form of payment in connection with such commercialization, then CABHI shall have the right to receive a reasonable royalty or payment from the Host Institution, in an amount to be negotiated by the Parties.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Applicants submit Expression of Interest (EOI) using the online form by the deadline. After being reviewed for eligibility, submitted EOI’s will be scored by external subject matter experts. Selected applicants will be invited by January 17, 2018 to submit a full online Application Form.

External Deadline

Selected applicants will be notified by CABHI that they are invited to submit a full online application.  

Internal Deadline

Please submit full application form along with an OR-5 form to research.services@uoguelph.ca.  Please provide instructions regarding the letter of support from the Host Institution. 

External Deadline

Shortlisted applicants must submit their application form online. All applications must be in English and cannot contain confidential or proprietary material. All applications must include a letter of support from the Host Institution.

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