CFI Cyberinfrastructure Initiative - Call for Proposals, Challenge 1

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Canada Foundation for Innovation


Cyberinfrastructure Initiative - Challenge 1, Competition 2

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Call for Proposals


CFI is pleased to issue the Call for Proposals for the second competition of Challenge 1 of the Cyberinfrastructure Initiative. In this competition, CFI challenges institutions to propose projects that bring together a community of researchers from across the country who share similar challenges linked to the availability of research data. Projects should address existing or emerging challenges for a community of researchers through the development of new tools and applications or novel ways of organizing and using research data that would enhance the community’s capacity to conduct leading-edge research. The research data infrastructure initiative is about data-sharing and providing access to any researcher who can exploit and mine the resource to advance knowledge and promote innovation.

The consortia are also encouraged to embrace an “adopt, adapt and develop” approach as well as to link to Canadian and international initiatives whenever appropriate. This will promote efficiency, interoperability and rapid implementation. Projects that propose to expand existing Canadian data initiatives are also encouraged. CFI also expects institutions with significant computing and storage needs to continue consulting with Compute Canada to determine how the advanced national platform can accommodate their needs.


Applicants must obtain the prior written approval of their Associate Dean Research and the Associate Vice-President Research Services, John Livernois, in advance of preparing an NOI.  To do so, applicants are to submit a description of their initiative (maximum one page) to their Associate Dean Research who in turn, if supportive of the initiative, will forward their approval along with the description of the initiative to the Office of Research. 

More information below in "Deadlines" section.

Funding Availability

The CFI expects to fund between five and 10 proposals. 

Special Notes

Given the small number of awards anticipated and the substantial amount of work that goes into preparing and reviewing such proposals, institutions will be very selective about which Notices of Intent they participate in. An institution also cannot submit a proposal for a project funded in the first competition.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Applicants must submit a description of their initiative (one page max.) to their ADR who will forward only those approved to Ailsa Fullwood at

Internal Deadline

Applicants who have been invited to submit a formal NOI by the Office of Research must submit their completed NOIs along with a signed OR-5 form to

External Deadline

Deadline to submit notices of intent to CFI. More information will be provided by the Office of Research to applicants selected to submit NOIs.

Internal Deadline

Applicants who have been invited to submit a full application by CFI must submit their completed application packages to

External Deadline

Deadline for submission of full proposals to CFI for only those PIs invited from NOI round. More detailed information and forms will be provided to those selected applicants.

How to Apply

Please see "Eligibility" section above. Approval at the College-level is necessary to proceed with submission of NOI.

For Questions, please contact

Office of Research

Ailsa Kay, Manager, Strategic Research Programs
Office of Research Services
519-824-4120 x58321

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