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Request for Proposals

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For complete program guidelines, please visit the CFC's Request for Proposals web-page.


Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) is seeking high quality proposals to carry out two different applied research projects: 

  1. Eradication of disease-carrying insects in chicken broiler farms; and

  2. Control of cellulitis in farmed chicken.

Applications submitted under these Requests for Proposal (RFPs) process must pertain directly to one of the two specific topics listed.

Please note: The Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC) is assisting CFC in its process to develop the RFP into a research project. LOI submissions are to be submitted to CPRC but clearly identified as being in response to the CFC Request for Proposals.

Funding Availability

This project funding is separate to that provided by the CPRC.

CFC’s contribution to the proposal will be limited to a maximum of $50,000 per project.

Please note: Industry dollars, whether from CFC or other industry sources, must be matched with 3 non-industry dollars at a ratio of at least 1:1. Funding ratios with higher contributions from non-industry sources are preferred.

Indirect Costs



If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Please submit a copy of the proposal, along with an OR-5 Form to

External Deadline

Please submit your completed proposal in Word format to

How to Apply

Please submit your completed application in Word format to by 5:00 pm ET March 31, 2024.  You will receive an email notification of receipt with two days of submitting your application. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact CPRC.

For Questions, please contact

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Jean Lavallée
Director of Animal Care & Research

Office of Research

Vanessa Knox, Awards and Agreements Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x53429

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