CIHR - Catalyst Grant: Cannabis and Mental Health

Updated Information
Updated deadlines:
  • External Deadline - Registration: December 30, 2021 - updated to October 22, 2020  7:59 pm 
  • ​Internal Deadline - Application: December 24, 2021    - updated to November 12, 2020 11:59pm
  • External Deadline - Application: December 31, 2021   - updated to November 19, 2020  7:59pm


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), under the Integrated Cannabis Research Strategy the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), the Canadian Consortium for Early Intervention in Psychosis (CCEIP), Schizophrenia Society of Canada Foundation (SSCF), and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

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  • Evaluation criteria


The purpose of this current funding opportunity is to strengthen the evidence base and expand cannabis research related to mental health, to build cannabis-related research capacity and/or to inform the development of future larger-scale research projects. Lived experience perspectives* will be meaningfully included in all stages of research, including research design, execution, knowledge translation and dissemination, and evaluation.

This targeted investment in cannabis research will provide support for mental health research activities such as:

  • pilot projects or feasibility studies aiming to generate preliminary data, observations or knowledge;
  • novel projects with the potential for significant impact, but that may be unsupported by proof of concept or preliminary data;
  • new tools, methodologies, protocols, theoretical models or frameworks;
  • planning and/or development activities of expert teams (e.g., multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary, etc.) coming together to address health research priorities; and
  • secondary analyses to provide an opportunity for expert analyses of existing data sets, improve the evidence for decision-making and create new knowledge.

Applicants must integrate sex as a biological variable and gender as a social determinant of health, as appropriate, into their research to promote rigorous science that has the potential to expand our understanding of health determinants for all people. As such, applicants are required to indicate how they will account for sex (biological factor) and gender (socio-cultural factor) in the research design, methods, analysis and interpretation, and dissemination of findings. For more information and resources, please see the Sex, Gender and Health Research page on the CIHR website.


  1. The Nominated Principal Applicant must be an independent researcher.
  2. The Nominated Principal Applicant must be appointed at an eligible institution (see the CIHR Application Administration Guide – Part 4) .
  3. The Nominated Principal Applicant must have successfully completed one of the sex- and gender-based analysis training modules available online through the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health and have submitted a Certificate of Completion (see How to Apply section). Select and complete the training module most applicable to your research project.
  4. The team must involve at least one knowledge user (either as Principal Knowledge User or Knowledge User)
  5. The application must include:
  6. A Sex and Gender Champion listed as Nominated Principal Applicant, Principal Applicant or Co-Applicant. The Sex and Gender Champion is a researcher with expertise in the integration of sex as a biological variable in health research. See Additional Information for further important information on the Champion role;
  7. One or more person(s) with lived experience* as Principal Applicant, Co-Applicant, or Knowledge User who will be involved at all stages of the research, including research design, execution, KT, and evaluation.
  8. For any research applications involving First Nations, Inuit, Métis and/or Urban Indigenous populations:
  9. applicants must submit an “Other” attachment describing their experience working in an Indigenous Health Research environment. See How to Apply section for more details.
  10. applicants must include a Principal Applicant, a Co-Applicant, a Principal Knowledge User, or a Knowledge User who self-identifies as First Nations, Inuit, or Métis.
  11. A Nominated Principal Applicant can submit a maximum of 2 applications under this funding opportunity.

Funding Availability

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $1,265,000, enough to fund approximately eleven (11) grants

Maximum Project Value

maximum per grant is $115,000

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

up to one (1) year.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Registration: Applicant to submit registration to sponsor via on line application system ResearchNet

Registration Guidelines


Internal Deadline

Application: Applicant to submit copy of application, routing slip and institutional signature page along with a complete OR5 form to:

External Deadline

Application: Applicant to submit complete application including routing slip and signed signature page(s) directly to sponsor via on line application system

Application Guidelines

Information For Co-applicants

If you need to meet a deadline set by the lead institution for this opportunity, please ensure that you provide the Office of Research with at least five days in advance of the lead institution’s deadline to review the application, or your proposed component of the project. Please be in touch with the Office of Research (contact information below) ahead of the deadline if it looks like it will be difficult for you to submit all the required documentation on time (i.e. budget, proposal, OR-5 Form).

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