CIHR: Catalyst Grant: Impacts of financial and organizational restructuring of public health


The CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) and the CIHR Institute for Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR)

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The intent of this funding opportunity is to catalyze foundational work needed to further our understanding of the positive, negative and/or unintended impacts of recent and ongoing changes to the financing, governance and delivery of public health services and responsibilities in Canada. The goal being that the resulting evidence will be used to inform decisions and policies related to public health organization, financing and delivery. Specifically, the initiative will fund projects that:

  • Examine the impacts of recent and ongoing changes to public health financing, governance and delivery on population-level physical and mental health risk factors, behaviours and outcomes, including the impacts of these changes for health equity and for populations experiencing conditions of marginalization;
  • Measure the impacts of recent and ongoing changes to public health financing, governance and delivery on the healthcare system, including health services access and use, demand on healthcare providers for public health services, utilization of primary and secondary healthcare, and healthcare expenditures;
  • Develop approaches, methodologies or tools to measure real-time population-level changes in health risk factors, behaviours, outcomes and health services use that may be impacted by changes to the financing, governance and delivery of the public health system;
  • Establish data systems and measures that allow for multi-jurisdictional tracking and comparison of public health expenditures over time; and
  • Develop economic data, models, or tools to evaluate the economic impact of changes to the financing, governance and delivery of the public health system.

Generating evidence on real-world interventions in real-time involves a myriad of disciplinary perspectives and can benefit from a range of research designs, theories and methodological approaches. Studies that apply novel approaches emanating from different disciplinary traditions across from the health and social sciences are welcome (e.g., economics, epidemiology, law, political science, sociology).

This catalyst grant can also fund the development of approaches, methods, models and tools that will enable researchers to examine future changes as well. Hoping to spark new ideas and efforts that will build to larger projects that can be supported through CIHR Project Grants or other funding sources.


  1. The Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) must be an independent researcher appointed at an eligible institution (see Institutional Eligibility Requirements for eligibility process and associated timelines) at the time of application.
  2. The Nominated Principal Applicant is required to complete one of the sex- and gender-based analysis training modules available online through the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health. The NPA must submit a Certificate of Completion in order for grant funds to be released (see How to Apply section).
  3. For any research applications involving Indigenous populations (including First Nations, Inuit and Métis) the research team must include at least one member who self-identifies as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) or demonstrates a track record of meaningful and culturally safe involvement with Indigenous Peoples. A one-page document describing how they meet this requirement must be submitted as an “Other” attachment (see How to Apply section).

Funding Availability

$1,000,000, enough to fund approximately five (5) grants.

Maximum Project Value

$200,000 maximum per grant

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

1 year


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Registration: Registrations must be submitted by applicants using ResearchNet.

Follow the instructions in the Grants - Registration Guidelines along with any additional instructions found below under “Specific Instructions”.

Internal Deadline

Application: Applicant to submit a copy of application, routing slip and signature pages(s) along with complete OR5 form to:

External Deadline

Applications: Applications must be submitted by applicants using ResearchNet.

All attachments must be in PDF format and must adhere to the Acceptable Application Formats and PDF Attachments guidelines.

Follow the instructions in the Grants – Application Guidelines along with any additional instructions found below under How to Apply “Specific Instructions”

Information For Co-applicants

If you need to meet a deadline set by the lead institution for this opportunity, please ensure that you provide the Office of Research with at least five days in advance of the lead institution’s deadline to review the application, or your proposed component of the project. Please be in touch with the Office of Research (contact information below) ahead of the deadline if it looks like it will be difficult for you to submit all the required documentation on time (i.e. budget, proposal, OR-5 Form).

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