CIHR launches new Equity and Diversity Questionnaire for applicants


Canadian Institutes of Health Research


As Canada's health research investment agency, CIHR manages over 100 funding competitions each year. As outlined in the CIHR Equity Strategy, CIHR is committed to ensuring that all of their programs and peer review processes result in the fair and impartial treatment of all participants. To fulfill this commitment, CIHR must collect data on a number of equity dimensions to allow us to identify and address potential inequities. As of May 15, 2018, application participants for all CIHR programs must complete an Equity and Diversity Questionnaire.

The mandatory questionnaire must be completed before an individual's next application to CIHR can be submitted. The questionnaire consists of five questions, and users should expect to complete it online in approximately five minutes using a simple user-friendly form. Once you complete the questionnaire, your information is then saved for future competitions (based on your CIHR Personal Identification Number (PIN)), so it only needs to be submitted once—unless you would like to update your response to a question, which can be done at any time.  Anyone with a ResearchNet account will be able to log in to complete their questionnaire immediately, so there is no need to wait for an upcoming competition.

More information, FAQ's and How-to instructions can be found on the sponsor website.

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