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CIHR is pleased to continue to offer an Observer program for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to participate as an observer in the peer review process of the Project Grant: Spring 2020 competition. This program is designed as an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to observe face-to-face peer review committee meetings and gain valuable insights on the review process.



To be eligible to participate in this Observer program, the ECR must be within 60 months of their first independent appointment, as of the application deadline of the Project Grant competition, March 4, 2020. Please note : This program is only open to ECRs working at Canadian institutions. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible to apply.

Candidates who are submitting applications as Nominated Principal Applicant or Principal Applicant in the current Project Grant competition are eligible for this opportunity, but cannot observe the committee that is adjudicating their submission.

ECRs who previously participated in the Observer program for a Project Grant competition are not eligible to participate. All ECRs who have submitted applications to past CIHR Observer programs are required to re-submit an application to be considered in Spring 2020.

Special Notes

If there are more than two candidates for a single committee, a lottery approach will be used to select the final candidates.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

To express your interest in participating in this Observer program, please click on the button, “Apply Online” (bottom of webpage) to fill out an application.

Note, before completing the application you will need the following:

  • your CIHR PIN
  • a PDF of your biosketch Common CV (draft CCVs are not accepted)
  • a letter from your institution attesting that you meet the criteria to be considered as an early career researcher
  • the names of two peer review committees – in order of preference – that you would like to observe. If you list more than two committees, only the first two will be considered.

All individuals who express their interest will be informed of the results on March 30, 2020.

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