Collaborative Research Opportunity – Effects of Novel No-Till Technology on Plant and Soil Parameters

The Research Innovation Office (formerly Catalyst Centre) was recently approached by an Ontario-based company (est. 2008) who is interested in engaging the University of Guelph in collaborative projects exploring the implications of their new no-till technology on several parameters in plant production and sustainability.  The company is a well-established high tech machinery manufacturer, specializing in waterjet cutting technology, robotic cutting, and custom automation for high volume manufacturing processes.  They are currently branching out into the agricultural sector with the recent development of a waterjet-based no-till technology, which has shown interesting results with respect to increased crop yield and root growth in corn and soy plants.  The company is searching for third party experts interested in collaborating to better understand how this technology compares to conventional practices with respect to:

  1. Crop yield and root growth in various plant types
  2. Soil health parameters
  3. Nutrient application and management

If you are interested in exploring potential collaboration on this topic, please contact Vanja Djukic (, Ext. 53592)

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