Collaborative Research Opportunity - Soil Health Survey

The Research Innovation Office (formerly Catalyst Centre) was recently approached by a regional conservation authority who is interested in engaging the University of Guelph in collaborative projects focused on conservation of soil health.  They coordinate a strong knowledge-sharing network by engaging producers in development of best management practices that conserve soil and enhance nutrient retention.

In partnership with a subsidiary of the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, the conservation authority is currently involved in a one year survey of soil health, through measures such as infiltration, compaction, and organic matter.  They hope to leverage the data from this study with University of Guelph expertise.  Additionally, they are hoping to engage soil health experts on a three year project, currently in development, focused on measuring compaction recovery in no-till and till systems with and without cover crops.  

If you are interested in exploring potential collaboration with the conservation authority, please contact Vanja Djukic (, Ext. 53592)

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