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Stream 4 of the Strategic Innovation Fund will be accepting Statements of Interest (SOI's) from Consortia and Networks applying data capabilities in the health and biosciences sector until August 31, 2018.


Stream 4 applicants must be a company incorporated in Canada (for Consortium applications) or a non-profit organization incorporated in Canada (for Network applications).


A consortium is led by a large Canadian company with significant operations in Canada and experience in both undertaking large scale R&D projects and launching new products. The consortium is made up of Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, businesses (including SMEs) and/or non-profit organizations from more than one sector across Canada.


A network is led by a Canadian non-profit organization able to support industry-led R&D. The network must demonstrate that it has established important partnerships with other organizations in multiple regions (Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, Atlantic Canada and Northern Canada) and supports businesses in more than one region.

Maximum Project Value

Under Stream 4, SIF will provide funding of between $10 million to $50 million per funded proposal/project.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Statement of Interest: Applicants will be required to submit a high-level overview of their project/proposal. Applicants will be provided feedback on whether the applicant will advance to full application.

How to Apply

Applicants to Stream 4 should:

  1. Read the Program Guide
    The Program Guide has been developed to provide details on the Strategic Innovation Fund, including program objectives, assessment factors based on expected benefits for Canada for each of the four streams as well as the process.

  2. Determine Eligibility (Consortium or Network)

  3. Read the Statement of Interest Guide
    The Stream 4 Statement of Interest Guide has been developed to assist in the completion of a Statement of Interest Form to Stream 4 of the Strategic Innovation Fund. Applicants are encouraged to review the Stream 4 Statement of Interest Guide in conjunction with the Program Guide.

  4. Download the Stream 4 Strategic Innovation Fund Statement of Interest Form
    Applicants must download (save offline), complete and submit the Stream 4 Strategic Innovation Fund Statement of Interest Form. Instructions on how to complete the Form are available in the Stream 4 Statement of Interest Guide.

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