Faculty Information Exchange Series 2020-21: Best Practices in Graduate Student Recruitment and Supervision

Thursday February 18, 2021 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Online via MS Teams

No reservation necessary, all welcome!

Go to the FIES page to access the Webinar link for this meeting, the session will become available at 12:00pm.

NOTE: Participants will join a waiting lobby when entering the Microsoft Teams session.

If you are experiencing issues joining the meeting, please contact aburke05@uoguelph.ca.


Seminar will be led by:

  • Dr. Georgia Mason, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology 
  • Dr. Nita Chhinzer, Associate Professor, Department of Management 

In this session, faculty will share their best practices and strategies for recruiting student and postdoctoral trainees and building and maintaining productive team relationships with their students and postdoctoral fellows. We invite attendees to come learn about and share challenges and tips in forming and managing teams of research trainees.

Learn more about the >Faculty Information Exchange Series.

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