Faculty Information Exchange Series 2020-21: Faculty intellectual property journeys - challenges and learnings along the way

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Friday January 29, 2021 12:00pm to 1:15pm

No reservation necessary, all welcome!

Webinar link.


Seminar will be led by: 

  • Emma Allen-Vercoe, Professor & Canada Research Chair, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology 
  • Graham Taylor, Associate Professor, School of Engineering 
  • Byram Bridle, Associate Professor, Department of Pathobiology 

If you are interested in how to successfully manage new and existing intellectual property (IP) in your research program, this session is for you. It will address common questions 'Do I need to protect my IP?', 'How can I benefit from my IP?, 'What IP problems might I run into?'. Whether you want to focus only on research involving your existing IP, borrow IP from a third party to accelerate your research program, or transfer your IP into your Startup company – then this seminar is for you. These faculty stories will give you candid tips and tricks to help you manage IP and not let it manage you.

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