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The Feminist Open Government Initiative is a collaboration between Results for Development, IDRC, the Government of Canada, and the Open Government Partnership. To enhance women’s participation and gender considerations throughout OGP’s work, the Feminist Open Government Initiative aims to:

  • build and deepen evidence around the impact that gender equality can have on improving governance on public services, addressing corruption, and opening up civic space and inclusion; 
  • encourage governments to design and implement improved gender-aware OGP commitments; and
  • establish an international coalition of partners to drive effective participation for all in open government processes.

The Call will build and deepen the evidence base around two distinct but related questions:

  • Research area #1 – How can innovative open government reforms and/or commitments advance policy agendas addressing the needs of women and girls through gender-focused or gender-mainstreamed approaches?
  • Research area #2 – How can considering gender more intentionally in the open government co-creation process lead to improved, and more effective, open government commitments and outcomes?


The applicant organization is the one responsible for the expertise, research and administration of the funding. Organizations may be private research organizations (non-governmental organizations, co-operatives, unions, civil society organizations, not-for-profit foundations, or for-profit organizations), rather than public research organizations (government departmental services, local officials or governments). Eligible organizations:

  • are incorporated organizations in an eligible country;

  • must have the main organizational objective of carrying out independent research;

  • must have the organizational policy of allowing their researchers to publish academic works of international scope free of charge;

  • are not part of the United Nations

Individuals not associated with an organization are NOT eligible to apply.

Funding Availability

The Feminist Open Government Initiative expects to award up to 8 awards, with funding between $20,000 USD - $50,000 USD per grant.

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Projects are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2019 and should be completed within a timeframe not exceeding 12 months, including all research, dissemination, and final reporting.

A notional project timeline includes:

  • Grants awarded, research commences – January 2019  
  • Mid-project findings due – Early May 2019
  • Potential research presentation at OGP Summit in Ottawa – May 2019
  • Projects due – August 2019
  • Final report due – September 2019


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Please submit a complete OR-5 form and a complete proposal package (including budget) to

External Deadline

Complete proposal packages should be submitted online through the FluidReview System directly to IDRC.

How to Apply

A complete application includes:    

  • A completed proposal, to be submitted using the online application form (Guidelines included below)  
  • One (1) sample of work to demonstrate capacity to carry out rigorous research on the proposed topic, including capacity to integrate gender-based analysis  
  • An estimated budget, with a cost breakdown for different budget categories  
  • CVs of research team (each CV should not exceed 2 pages)

The application process includes the following stages:  

  • Launch of Request for Concept Notes – November 6
  • Questions due – November 20
  • Applications due – November 30
  • Selection of projects by selection committee – December 14  
Full Proposal Guidelines can be accessed here:
For Questions, please contact

Please send an email to

Responses will be posted publicly on the FAQ page.

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