Industrial Research Opportunity - Agricultural Film Development and Testing

The Research Innovation Office (formerly Catalyst Centre) was recently approached by an Ontario-based company (inc. 1986) that is interested in engaging the University of Guelph on projects focused on agricultural film development and testing.


The company is composed of two complimentary business units, one which focuses on thermoplastic custom compounding, size reduction, custom densified additive blend solutions and product development support for resin producers, and the second which provides a full array of engineered products such as white and black masterbatches, additive and colour concentrates, as well as specialty products that serve the rotational molding, pipe and film market segments. Together each division works to add value to clients’ supply chains around the world.


The company is searching for expertise in polymer chemistry and engineering, including film additives such as HALS, UV absorber, anti-oxidant, antifog, and agriculture films, to assist them in collaborative research for two projects:

1.            Development of high performance and durability (outperforming current products) light stabilizer product(s) for mulch film, silage wrap film, and greenhouse film. 

2.            Development of high durability (lasting at least 4 yr) anti-fog masterbatch for greenhouse film application.

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