Industrial Research Opportunity - Aquaponic Urban Farming

The Catalyst Centre was recently approached by a company that is interested in engaging the University of Guelph on collaborative projects related to vertical farming design for energy and efficiency improvements.

The company, which is based in Ontario, has created the first aquaponic urban farming unit of its kind in Canada, with a shipping container and a greenhouse on top.  Expanding into a new 10,000 sq.ft facility, they would like to improve energy efficiency with the use of new technologies, while maximizing the biological production capabilities for a large-scale indoor, vertical aquaponics farm.

The company is interested in collaborating with the University of Guelph on projects that would assist with improvements in two areas:

  • Technical – projects related to development of lighting systems, pumps, temperature regulation, and layout
  • Biological - Comparison of hydroponic methods (nutrient film versus deep water culture), studies involving different aquatic species and plants

If you would like to connect with the company, please contact Vanja Djukic (, Ext. 53592)

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