Industrial Research Opportunity - Low-Power Wide-Area Networks

The Catalyst Centre recently received an enquiry from a Waterloo based Company that operates a Low-Power Wide-Area Network built to enable new applications for connected devices and the Internet-of-Things. The company’s network is based on LoRaWAN™ protocol, an open standard technology backed by a global organization comprised of companies aligned to move IoT foward. The network provides a national link and connectivity for a wide array of applications, and enables customers in both the private and public sectors to cost effectively and securely manage assets, and create smart environments.

The company is interested in engaging with University of Guelph to explore projects where this technology can enable interesting and meaningful research.

Examples would include projects that requires the collection of small amounts of data from remote locations. The ideal application would involve low-cost battery operated sensors that could be deployed in the field and left alone to report real-time data for a period of several years.  Specific applications could include watershed monitoring, smart agriculture, cold chain management, smart city and smart buildings. Water levels, water quality, water flow, light levels, soil moisture, soil nutrient, livestock, air quality, air flow, air pressure, temperature, and humidity are just some of the example sensors that are being explored for this network technology.

If you are interested in connecting with the company to learn more, please contact Gregor Lawson (, Ext 53351)

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