Industrial Research Opportunity - Pharmacokinetics and Bio-availability Studies

The Research Innovation Office (formerly Catalyst Centre) was recently approached by an Ontario-based company that is interested in engaging the University of Guelph in collaborative projects examining trans-membrane transport and pharmacokinetics of bioactives encased in their phytoglycogen nanoparticle. The objective is to understand the particle’s ability to act as a transport vehicle across various biological barriers in the human and/or animal body – skin, intestine, and blood/brain.  Other routes of delivery, such as optical or sub-lingual are also of interest to be explored.

The company manufactures natural biomaterials and offers natural solutions to the personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, with potential applications in food and feed industries as well.  They are particularly interested in utilizing in vitro and animal models to further understand the delivery capabilities of their nanoparticle.

If you are interested in exploring potential collaboration on this topic, please contact Vanja Djukic (, Ext. 53592)

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