Industrial Research Opportunity - Survey and Educational Phone Application Development for Eczema Awareness

The Research Innovation Office (formerly Catalyst Centre) was recently approached by an Ontario-based research clinic, who is interested in engaging the University of Guelph on a survey and phone application development project to raise awareness and aid in the assessment of current knowledge of eczema-affected and non-affected children (grades 3-8).
The clinic specializes in the development of pharmacological and cosmeceutical products for use in the North American market.  They provide R&D services, such as discovery and product development, pre-clinical and clinical trials, assistance with regulatory approval, as well as marketing. 
They are searching for expertise in child psychology and education for assistance in developing a survey to assess knowledge of eczema and degree of bullying between affected and non-affected individuals.  The knowledge gathered will be used to develop training materials (ie. a phone application) to raise awareness and decrease bullying associated with eczema in primary schoolchildren.  The clinic is also searching for technical assistance with iOS and Android game application development.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Vanja Djukic, Industry Liaison Officer, Research Innovation Office at ext. 53592 or




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